EasyCast Resin Jewelry Molds

Product Description

The EasyCast Resin Jewelry Mold has 11 popular shapes including hearts, tear drops, ovals, and rectangles on one convenient tray. The 8 in. x 9 in. tray is reusable and made of durable, smooth polypropylene. It's perfect for casting with EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy. Like all molds, the EasyCast Resin Jewelry Mold requires the use of mold release.

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description: tray of 8 shapes
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description: tray of 11 shapes
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Rated by: Deborah D. in Northeast, NJ
I had a lot of leftover polymer clay and I used these molds to make fun jewelry. It seemed a good idea to make mosaic chips from the mold to cover other artwork too.
Rated by: Chris M. in Medford, OR
Always excellent, rapid and accurate service from MisterArt.com--I've been very satisfied.
Rated by: Katherine W. in Savannah, GA
These are very hard to find. Mold works perfectly and when I forgot to use a mold release on two shapes I was still able to get them out cleanly! Great product.
Rated by: Holly J K. in magdalena, NM
These are useful for resin casting as well as any project you need to mold. Well made!!
Rated by: allison k. in huntsville, TX
This is a great item. I have not had to use mold release as the molds come out easily. The shapes are nice for pendants.
Rated by: Terri Y. in Auburn, NY
Great product, I had trouble finding anywhere else, was very pleased with it.
Rated by: Cynthia M. in Altoona, PA
I like the mold a lot, it has a nice variety of shapes and is easy to use. Very nice for necklace pendants and earrings as well.
Rated by: Dawn M. in Falls Church, VA
This mold is a must have! Don't waste time trying to use any other mold, this mold is great. They are sturdy and the resin pops out easy!
Rated by: stabby p. in chicago, IL
great molds, easy to use and reuse, good variety although a few more and i few less doubles would be nice.
Rated by: Benjamin P. in San Juan, PR
Combine the Easycast Resin and hardener to create an assortment of designs that this mold offers you. Popular forms and the right sizes to make pendants. Just add different dye colors to create infinite designs.
Rated by: Trina S. in Evanston, WY
Very nice! Simple and easy to use. Your company would benefit by offering more of these in different shapes and sizes.
Rated by: Happy S. in Galveston, TX
Nice shapes and sizes. I would like more.
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