Gold Leaf Kit

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This Gold Leaf Kit is everything that you need to complete your first gold leaf project! Kit contains 2 oz. bottle of adhesive, 2 oz. bottle of sealant, and 25 (5 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in.) sheets of the finest gold composition metal leaf. With this kit you can achieve the look of real gold at a low cost. The results are remarkable. Perfect for home decor, decoupage, and stenciling. Use it on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, plaster of paris, plastic, or paper.

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description: gold leaf kit
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Rated by: Joan W. in Manhattan Beach, CA
Even I -a person who has zero craft ability- was successful with this product. I needed more so I came here because of the much lower price & a previous experience with their excellent customer service.
Rated by: P W. in Hartford, CT
Great kit. Easy to follow directions take the beginner from start to finish, making one's first gilding project simple to complete successfully. The 25 sheets provided is more than enough for several small projects or one reasonably large project (a large bowl, say) or for double gilding. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Luciana l. in Sacramento, CA
This product is well worth the price.You get alot of Gold Leaf,and is very easy to use.
Rated by: Kendra B. in Des Moines, IA
People tell me I'm too creative for my own good... but I bought this kit to apply gold leaf on the inside of some ceramic pottery as an interesting touch. It's pretty cool, it all works like it's supposed too. The only thing I would have added would be some paint thinner so I can clean my brushes of the sealer.
Rated by: Linda M. in Fresno, CA
I used this gold leaf kit to cover an ostrich egg. It was easy to do and is beautiful. It was so much fun that I plan to cover several hen's eggs for my grandchildren for Easter. It is a great kit. The only thing I needed additionally was the red under coat which makes a prettier finished project.
Rated by: Robert F. in Marshall, AR
A very nice low cost way to try leafing and have excellent results the first time. Instructions simple enough for all beginners. A real nice product.
Rated by: Dean W. in brockport, NY
This product works better than I had hoped. It was much easier than I was prepared for.
Rated by: Carol F. in Clifton, NJ
It looks easy enough to use,will see very soon...
Rated by: Karlyn H. in S Kingstown, RI
What a wonderful kit! Generous supply of leaf, size and sealer. It's very easy to use and the completed pieces look unbelievable. I work in polymer acrylic clay - the application was easy and the results stunning.
Rated by: Ron L. in Pasadena, TX
The Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit contains all you will need to change your unfinished object into a work of art-- accenting the gold leaf with metal sealer. The manufacturers are not stingy with the materials as ample amounts are provided of each of the components of the kit. This is definitely worth the money!!
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