Non-Stick Craft Sheet

Non-Stick Craft Sheet

Product Description

Ranger's reusable, protective sheet is the answer to all your craft surface needs. Nothing sticks to it! The slick, non-porous material withstands high temperatures, and is the perfect complement to the Ranger Melting Pot.

Embossing powders, candle wax, soap chips and even hot glue won't penetrate or distort its smooth-as-glass finish. Any excess melted product, once cooled, can be easily removed and placed back into the Melting Pot or stored for future projects.

Clean up is quick and easy, ready to use again and again. The Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet is great for use when crafting, embossing, stamping, decoupaging, coloring, brayering, and working with clays. It can even be used as a paint palette or when ironing to protect your ironing surface!

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15 in. x 18 in.
size: 15 in. x 18 in.
MPN: NSC20677
Item: #23108
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5 Star Rating

(based on 16 reviews)


4 Star Rating
Rated by: Kimberly W in Seattle, WA
I use this for working with distress inks, alcohol inks and embossing. It's nice, but with alcohol inks I have to wipe it up right away or I have to scrub hard to get rid of stains. I'm looking forward to using it for working with UTEE and making dew drops.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Barb in Snohomish, WA
I put off buying one of these for a long time. Now I'm kicking myself for not having bought one a whole lot sooner! It's a great product with multi-uses!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Stacie D. in Wilmington, DE
I love this craft sheet. It makes clean up so much quicker. I do not use any ink without using the craft sheet. My suggestion is to buy the larger sheet because it gives you extra room for slips and mistakes.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Roberta S. in Milwaukie, OR
I have tried many different things to keep my work surface clean but this is the best thing I've found yet! I work with polymer clays and powders and all you have to do is wipe the surface clean when you are done. The clay does not stick to the surface either. I highly recommend this product.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: naomi o. in rio rancho, NM
I tried this sheet in a Tim Holtz class at CKU-Provo 2008 and just had to have one! this sheet is must if you like to use inks or paint. I love to paint chipboard and this makes clean up a breeze. you just take a dry paper towel and it is clean!!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Virginia J. in Pittsburg, CA
This was one of the best products I have ever bought. Keeps my craft desk clean. It really does what it is supposed to. I do not have to worry about getting paints and adhesives on my mats. Thank you.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Jane W. in Westport, CT
I love the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and use it daily. When ironing fusible web, it protects my iron. I also use it with my Ranger dyes. It's magical!! I don't have room to list how valuable it is. I couldn't live without having several sheets.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Patti R. in San Carlos, CA
This non stick sheet is absolutely a must for every craft person. Virtually nothing sticks to it and it does not burn either. A craft room essential.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Nancy K. in Los Angeles, CA
I have used a craft no stick sheet for years, and it is working perfectly well. However I had decided to outfit my grandchildren with their own tools and wanted only this best product in their stash.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Joan D. in La Crescenta, CA
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Debra T. in Troy, NC
I can't live without these sheets. They stand up to about anything, but they will wear out with use, and I'm on my third. I use for cutting, low fire baking in addition to advertised uses.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Joyce M. in Carlsbad, CA
I saw the Ranger Craft Sheet in a local craft store last year and thought, "Really, who needs to spend money on something like this when you can just spread out a newspaper"? When I saw it again on this website for a lot less money, I decided to try it and I'm so glad I did. Acrylic paint, glue, solvent ink comes right off with a damp paper towel even if it has dried.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Patricia S. in Plaistow, NH
This is a great product for many crafts. Melting embossing powders, wax, and ironing dried glues/fusable web on fabric. Cleans great.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Joan D. in Los Angeles, CA
This is the greatest thing ever invented!!, You and wash it and reuse it over and over again, no more messed up desk space from inks, polymer clays etc. Thanks
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Nadine T. in Leesburg, VA
I've been using the craft sheet for my scrapbook "distress inking" projects and other craft projects - WORKS GREAT. It bubbles up all the excess ink and I can reuse the excess to add more dimension. I bought two, one for me, one for my daughter who loves to stamp and ink with me!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Evelyn S. in Elgin, OR
This sheet is absolutely indispensable for the crafter who melts UTEE or who plays with alcohol inks! It is wonderfully heavy-duty, designed to last for a lot of crafting.
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