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Use Bob's water-based flat primers for when a dry canvas is required to start. Ideal for preparing canvas, wood, masonite, cardboard and other surfaces for artwork. Bob Ross Gesso produces a smooth surface with proper tooth. Perfect as a base for the Bob Ross painting technique and other art techniques in many media including oils, acrylics, tempera, watercolor, resin-oil, ink, pencil or mixed. Thin with water only. Waterproof when dry. Apply with foam or cloth (not a brush). 16 oz. bottles.

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color: black
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color: gray
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Rated by: Gina in South Florida
Works great! Love the texture it gives the canvas, i also was able to paint small stones with the gray gesso and the paint over with blue oil paint and it created a beautiful transparent pond that gives the illusion of crystal clear water and visible stones underneath the surface; just like the bob ross technique.
Rated by: Ted K. in North Port, FL
Works just as easy as Mr. Bob Ross said in his Show. Very easy, I have not found anything like it on the market today.
Rated by: Zaria B. in Portland, OR
this is a great medium. It dries really fast, which is really helpful when You're in that create mode.
Rated by: craig l. in Columbus, NC
this is the best for the bob ross painting technique,and is so easy to apply, goes on very smooth. love it!
Rated by: Nanette J. in Gulf Breeze, Florida, FL
This is the best I have ever used. It applies smoothly and is a perfect surface to experiment with other art techniques.
Rated by: Sherry W. in Oviedo , FL
Great product, very smooth and works well.
Rated by: Francine H. in Oldsmar, FL
Wonderful product. Great preparation for oil painting canvas.
Rated by: M. Tina I. in Farmingdale, NY
The best Gesso product ever! The only problem is MisterArt didn't carry the White Gesso [only Black and Gray].
Rated by: Sharon B. in Grass Valley, CA
I have been very happy with Bob Ross products and feel this his gesso is everything it should be. I have only used it on a canvas for an oil painting, but it really is all I had expected.
Rated by: christina s. in estacada, OR
very pleased with this brand of gesso.
Rated by: Valerie M. in Temple City, CA
Works beautifully, goes on smoothly and leaves no brush stroke marks.
Rated by: Sheryl H. in Yazoo City, MS
A great product, as are all the Bob Ross items, and MisterArt does a great job in processing your order. Quick!
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