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Black Gold Brush Sets

Black Gold Brush Sets

Product Description

The Black Gold series have black ferrules and varnished two tone handles. These brushes are hand crafted, kiln-dried for durably, and have seamless metal ferrules, to provide safe, long lasting beauty. Made for watercolor paints.

Landscape/portrait brush set contains wave size 8, round size 4, dagger size 3/8, and liner size 1.

Foliage/texture brush set contains wave angle size 3/8, round size 5, and shader size 6.

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foliage/texture set of 3
description: foliage/texture
unit: set of 3
MPN: 27649
Item: #78480
40% off
VIP Member
50% off
landscape/portrait set of 4
description: landscape/portrait
unit: set of 4
MPN: 27647
Item: #20359
40% off
VIP Member
50% off
5 Star Rating

(based on 2 reviews)


5 Star Rating
Rated by: Christine L. in San Antonio, TX
The Dynasty black Gold Brush Set is fantastic. Makes watercolor painting easier. You don't find brush hair on your art work like with other brushes. You have quality brushes that will last and they are soft and flexible. Great product at a great buy!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Janeen S. in Alsip, IL
These brushes are great for the beginning student. They feel great to hold and paint with.
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