Heads, Features and Faces

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There is probably no better instructor of the correct rendering of heads, features and faces than George R. Bridgman, who brings to the subject both his expertise as an artist and his 50-year experience as lecturer and teacher at the Art Students League of New York. Throughout the book, he places as much emphasis on perspective and planes as on anatomy. In this way, you'll develop a more precise understanding of each feature, the head and face in general, the relationship between features, and the relationship between a specific feature and the face or head. The finely executed drawings complement the textual material, illustrating all important concepts. Of special value is the author's inclusion of the work of famous portrait artists. Vermeer, Hals, Rembrandt, Reynolds, and Louise Elisabeth LeBrun are the people who made portraiture a master art, and you'll be able to study, up close and at your leisure, the qualities that let their work achieve the status it did. Amost 200 drawings are included. Paperback, 64 pages.ISBN 486227081 Dover

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title: Heads, Features and Faces
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Rated by: Robert S. in Cary, IL
Page 6 alone is worth the price! A 64 page gem for anyone interested in drawing the human head and features.
Rated by: B A. in Pasadena, CA
I first used this book in my drawing classes at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County almost 35 years ago at the suggestion of master draftsman and teacher, Joe Mugnaini. It was invaluable then and is today for all of my own students, and for me. I always wanted to study under Bridgeman at the Art Students League. His book helped me understand structure,planes and perspective when drawing human anatomy. It is a one of very few art books that I recommend to my drawing students. I hope it will never be out of print.
Rated by: Katherine D. in Mebane, NC
Male lips are what I've always had problems with and really had to work on. I have to really work on them to keep them from looking too feminine. I feel like this book has helped me overcome that.
Rated by: Jack C. in Houston, TX
This book certainly helped me with my drawings of faces...
Rated by: Clare W. in Woodland Hills, CA
This is my favorite book on drawing faces. It offers a comprehensive guide to drawing all aspects and angles of faces. It even shows you how to draw different facial expressions. I would recommend this book to both amateur and expert artists alike.
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