Coral Reef Coloring Book

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Depicted in this coloring book is a host of marine creatures for whom the coral reef is home: seahorse, butterfly fish, hawksbill turtle, parrot fish, octopus, dam selfish, moray eel, sea cucumber, dolphin, hydro medusa jellyfish, sea dragon, royal empress angelfish, trigger fish, Moorish idol and many more. Detailed captions provide a fascinating overview of the great diversity of life on coral reefs. Paperback, 48 pages.ISBN:486285421. DOVER

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title: Coral Reef Coloring Book
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Rated by: Barbara S in Cleveland, Ohio
This was a beautiful coloring book. It is informative and teaches about the different fishes that there are. The pictures are beautiful once finished. I love this book. I color in my spare time, and sometimes me and my daughter color together. I am 59 years old and my daughter is 41 years old. We still love to color.
Rated by: Louise M. in Bloomington, IL
Even though I am a grandmother, I enjoy using colored pencils on detailed pictures such as these. It is a wonderful book - very realistic.
Rated by: Olga M. in Winter Park, FL
This coloring book is wonderful for both adults and children. The pictures are detailed and the text is informative. They far surpass what we think of as coloring books. They are beautiful drawings and become works of art.
Rated by: eva m. in tucson, AZ
i love this store.the products are great,and super fast delivery. this book is beautiful and educational also.if its in the ocean,its in this book.
Rated by: Barbara S. in Cleveland, OH
A large variety of fish in their natural environment. A wonderful book for teaching children.
Rated by: Anne B. in Rome City, IN
I have yet to be disappointed in any Dover coloring books. The prompt service from Mister Art only made this purchase better!
Rated by: dawn g. in san diego, CA
I have bought several Dover coloring books for my children. As soon as the books arrive, my kids camp out at the kitchen table, going from cover to cover. They love the examples that show the actual coloration of the animals. I had a hard time finding a coloring book with barracudas it, but this one had them! My son was thrilled. I love that the books are educational, too.
Rated by: Lisa C. in Pittsburgh, PA
I have purchased well over twenty (20) Dover coloring books from, and have even won a gift certificate by submitting reviews of these coloring books!! I am a 36 year old stay-at-home mom of 2 young children. After a long, long day, I find coloring to be very relaxing. The books that offers are also challenging so get yourself a very large box of Crayolas (96 count), sit down with a cup of coffee at the end of the day and relax. I will continue to purchase from as no one out there offers these books. Plus, you can't beat the prices of the books (under $4) or the shipping cost. I am very pleased with and have voted for them on as my favorite website. To all the moms out there ... after a 12+hour day of caring for children, give your mind a rest and color--these books are meant for us! Spend some money on yourself, buy 3 or 4 at a time and be creative. We will never run out of books to color with the selection that offers. Enjoy & have fun--we deserve it!
Rated by: Tamela Y. in Daphne, AL
Very detailed and accurate pictures, excellent source for all types of craft projects!
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