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PT800 Drawing Kit

PT800 Drawing Kit

Product Description

Compact and easy to carry, the kit is neatly packaged in a strong corrugated carrying case. It’s great for junior high, high school, and college students of architecture, engineering, and mechanical drawing.

The case has both a short handle and shoulder strap and contains:

  • 16 in. x 21 in. metal edge drawing board
  • 21 in. transparent edge T-square
  • 6 in. triangle (45°/90°), 8 in. triangle (30°/60°)
  • 4 in. semicircular protractor
  • 6 1/2 in. irregular curve
  • 12 in. architects’ triangular scale
  • Sandpaper pointer pad
  • 2H and 4H pencils, sharpener
  • Soft pencil eraser, art gum eraser, erasing shield
  • 3/4 in. x 10 yd. roll of drafting tape
  • Freehand lettering guide pad

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drawing kit
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