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Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive
by 3M

Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive

Product Description

Spray Mount Artists’ Adhesive bonds instantly, with only one application, yet allows work to be lifted and repositioned easily and without residue. Excellent for artists and crafters, the adhesive won’t yellow or flake with age.

Spray Mount Artists’ Adhesive bonds a wide range of lightweight materials. It’s especially suited for use with materials where bleed-through is an issue: tissue, paper, emblems, vellum, newspaper, rice paper, and more.

The adhesive is great for making layouts, mounting presentations, and creating designs.

Environmentally friendly, the spray adhesive does not contain chlorofluorocarbon propellants.

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10.25 oz. 6065
size: 10.25 oz.
series #: 6065
MPN: 7100129195
Item: #68152
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size: 10.25 oz.
series #: box of 12
Item: #68152-PK
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4 oz. 6064-CFT
size: 4 oz.
series #: 6064-CFT
MPN: 7100129191
Item: #13672
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5 Star Rating

(based on 3 reviews)


5 Star Rating
Rated by: Myra H. in Springfield , IL
We couldn't do our job without 3M Spray Mount. It's the best on the market. MisterArt.com makes it easy to order by the case (at a great price and quick delivery). We're very satisfied customers.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Teri T. in Altamonte Springs, FL
THE BEST, MOST VERSATILE ADHESIVE YET; nothing it won't work on - doesn't warp paper/cardstock - dries quickly w/ no harsh residual mess!! Great for book/album covers & cards/pages! Love it!!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: April L. in Alexandria, VA
This is all we use. Best spray mount available!
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