Cotton Tote

Product Description

This sturdy, attractive tote measures 14 in. x 14 in. with a 2 1/2 in. gusset and is made of 100 % natural cotton canvas. It’s constructed to carry a load and last for a long time!

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color: natural
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Rated by: Regina W. in Flagstaff , AZ
I bought 2 dozen of these bags for a project for our homeschool group- we were learning about global warming and ways we can reduce it. We decorated these bags with colored sharpies and/or crayons (to heat set with an iron). We will use these instead of plastic bags from stores. It was a hit! The bags are a nice size, sturdy and a great price. My order came very quickly.
Rated by: Eugena M. in Minneapolis, MN
I bought six of these for grocery shopping and I've used them a couple of times; they work great. My husband says they are too small, but I think when they are full, they are a just-manageable weight, so any bigger and I would have to take care not to overfill them. They seem about the same volume-wise as the earth-killing plastic bags (less wide but taller).
Rated by: Teresa C. in tucson, AZ
Good value. I like it.
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