13 Inch Translucent Utility Box With Tray
by SoHo

Product Description

This superior mid-sized box has a lift out tray with ten compartments, self-locking latch, and padlock tabs for security. Built-in ruler on lid. Measures 13 in. x 6 1/2 in. x 5 1/4 in. Tray colors vary.

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description: utility box
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(based on 3 reviews)


Rated by: Pat H. in Salina, KS
This storage box is great for lightweight items. The latch is a little loose, but there is a place next to it where a small padlock could be added. If I was using it to carry something that could spill and make a mess, such as embossing powder containers, I would put a twist tie through the tabs for extra precaution. It has a nice flat bottom which is great for stable stacking so they take up less space. The box is wide enough to hold a small sketch pad and long enough to hold narrow watercolor palettes. I would purchase them again.
Rated by: Marlena M. in McAfee, NJ
This Utility Box is great for my beading supplies. I loved it so much I bought another for makeup. Love that you can see what's in it.
Rated by: Solveig S. in Ellicott City, MD
I searched high and low for small storage boxes that would take a lock to keep our baby out of my ceramics tools and my husband's hobby paints. I was very happy to find these. They are quite sturdy overall, although a hinge construction with metal would probably be a bit more durable than the current all-plastic construction it would also have made them more expensive. Also, some designer colors would be great!
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