Ad Marker Caddy

Product Description

Made of durable plastic to hold 25 Ad Markers. Caddy measures 4 inches wide x 2 1/4 in. tall. Each marker slot is 11/16 in. wide.

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description: marker caddy
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(based on 17 reviews)


Rated by: J Skeeters in Fort Wayne, IN
This product is perfect for storing the Ranger Mini Misters! Saves money and hold 25 of the misters.
Rated by: Deborah B. in Worland, WY
Great storage for a great marker! Keeps them in an organized manner! Highly recommend.
Rated by: J.W. C. in Rutland, VT
This was my first intro to Mr. Art. I had recieved a gift certificate for Christmas and was looking for new storage units to hold my art supplies, specifically Prismacolor Double-ended markers (I use them for my comic). I was surprised to find so many options! I decided to try out the Ad Marker Caddy and see if it would help my storage needs. It now holds 25 of my skin tone markers and next month it will hold the rest of my markers. They are stylish, compact for small spaces and hold 25 large markers each. This is a great product and helpful storage for markers in small spaces. I give it a great big, 2 Thumbs WAAAY up!
Rated by: Paul W. in Myrtle Beach, SC
We prefer Ad Caddies to Prismacolor Studio Stackers. They are more compact and efficient when it comes to marker storage. Sorting and resorting markers is easier w/ the Ad Caddy because the opening aren't as snug as they are with the Stacker. When full, the Ad Caddy it is definitely more durable and stable than the flimsy Stacker, which can fall apart and require reassembly if dropped to the floor. The Ad Caddy can also accommodate Tria and Prisma markers. The only disadvantage the Ad Caddy has to the Stacker is that with the Staker you can view all your marker color labels in one glance. Other than that, choosing the Ad Caddy over the Stacker is a no-brainer.
Rated by: Marc L. in Colts Neck, NJ
Good quality plastic holder and at a good price. Hard to find anywhere, but had them.
Rated by: Linny O. in Newport, KY
Excellent product at an excellent price. Extremely versatile. Not only well made enough for holding markers but also pens, colored pencils, and craft items of all kinds.
Rated by: Beth M. in Scottsdale, AZ
I find the Chartpak Ad Marker Caddies to be just the right size to move around in my studio and all a very stable base unlike my Prisma Color Tiered system. I also can label the side of this caddy with the marker numbers for fast locating and storage.
Rated by: Kelly C. in Camden, NC
Love this little caddy. It keeps my markers right where I want them! Perfect!
Rated by: Kimberly L. in Tucson, AZ
Great product. Keeps my chartpak markers neat and organized!
Rated by: Judith M P. in Knoxville, TN
This is the perfect answer for organizing my extremely cluttered work table. It keeps my markers easily accessible and allows me to organize color groups. Especially nice for copic markers, as well as the Chartpak markers. It makes my work a whole lot easier on a daily basis.
Rated by: jodi g. in lisle, NY
they are well built, however i did not find them to be exactly what i thought they would be. if they were built beveled that would be great. then the markers could be stored at an angle and not stored vertically; that would be more beneficial. however for the price they are sufficient.
Rated by: betty k. in Wayzata, MN
This is a great product -just what I needed to keep my Chartpak markers handy!
Rated by: Neal R. in WIlmington, MA
Perfect for organizing and keeping track of thick and thin markers in a classroom. Makes for quick scanning to check that all are covered and accounted for!
Rated by: T.D. H. in L.A., CA
While not as nice as the tiered Prismacolor caddies, this is excellent storage for thicker markers that won't fit into standard pen/marker caddies.
Rated by: Matt R. in St. Charles, IL
Have used this product in the past with excellent results. Wish it had build in tabs or something to attach multiple caddies together.
Rated by: Teresa O. in San Francisco, CA
Great caddy for paint pens/markers. I only wish it had some slots for the larger paint pens.
Rated by: Eileen M. in Newbury Park, CA
I have been searching and searching for this item on all kinds of art supplies web sites and finally here it is!
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