Spin-O-Tray Rotating Desktop Organizer

Product Description

The Spin-O-Tray rotating desktop receptacle is the ideal way to organize artist’s and craftsman’s tools. It has 72 compartments and holds pencils, pens, brushes, erasers, clips, and even oversize design markers. The Spin-O-Tray rotates smoothly and quietly on its 10 ½ in. diameter base, and its unique design offers five storage levels and seven mini-trays.

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(based on 11 reviews)


Rated by: Juana F. in Lake Charles, LA
It's the perfect thing to store all my scrapbooking tools. I love it!
Rated by: Beverly Brown in Williamsport, PA
Bought this for my cake design products. Works pretty well and seems sturdy-just wish the center section had walls all the way to the bottom as my tools want to "creep" under the outer sections.
Rated by: Carl Grubb in Huntington, WV
This design is good, but does not make room for medium to large tubes of paint! Needs to allow for hanging or standing medium to large tubes of paint at it's base.
Rated by: Norma P. in Los Angeles, CA
This works well to keep my metal clay tools well organize. It spins easily and any tool is within reach.
Rated by: Kelly C. in Charlotte, NC
This is the best tool in my studio! I love the spinning feature, and with all the brushes I have, I don't know how I ever got anything done before I got this product. I was too busy searching for a particular brush.
Rated by: Martha D. in Chattanooga, TN
Oh, I cannot tell you how this has simplified my work space. I was always "hunting" some tool or brush. Now, they are right where I can see everyone - no more hunting!!!
Rated by: Wanda W. in Port Orchard, WA
The Spin-O-Tray is great. The only other thing that would make it better is if the inside was made so that the tools that are put in it would be able to stand a little bit taller in the center levels of it so that they would be able to be grabed easily.
Rated by: Karen K. in Lincolnshire, IL
I found this product extremely useful. At the top there is a large opening that is only good for tall items, like 12" rulers and long paintbrushes, however. Reasonably priced too!
Rated by: Jeanne P. in College Park, MD
While I found this product very helpful in keeping my paint brushes and small supplies in order - I wish it had 3 large openings on the top instead of all the separate brush/pen holders - it would make it even a better product. All in all though - I like the product and will continue to use it.
Rated by: Douglas K. in Shevlin, MN
Very good organizer cleaned up my mess of drawing pens/pencils.
Rated by: Lori H. in Merrimack, NH
Certainly a great $ deal. I have such a mix of pens, pencils, crayons, etc. however; and if you too have a large stash, this is good for the desktop if you want something for your most-used items.
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