Pliatex Mold Rubber

Product Description

Pliatex molds capture the finest details and produce thousands of smooth, perfect casts. Pliatex molds may be stored indefinitely used whenever needed. Coat Mold Instructions: Apply two coats of shellac to entire model cut one to one with alcohol Divide 1/3 of model with clay shim Make key grove along entire length of clay and shellac Apply five thin coats rubber to one side of clay and inward 3 in. Let each coat dry thoroughly Remove clay, shellac exposed rubber, and apply separator Apply rubber to the remaining area of the model building up 15-30 coats or 1/8 in. thick Let mold cure two days to one week Apply Pliatex Separator liberally over dried rubber Build plaster mother mold around model and rubber When finished open and remove rubber from mold Replace rubber in bother mold and cast

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Rated by: Kara W. in San Diego, CA
This is the only mold-making material I have been able to find. No art stores carry it anymore, so it's great to get it online. It works very well to make molds over plasticene as I have used it. Good product!
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