Clear Polyester Casting Resin

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Castin’ Craft Clear Casting Resin is a polyester resin for casting paper weights, trophies, chess sets and conversation pieces. It’s also great for embedding coins, dried flowers, biological specimens, and minerals in clear plastic. You can even add transparent dye or opaque pigment to achieve custom results. Castin’ Craft Clear Casting Resin Catalyst is sold separately. The catalyst MUST be combined with the casting resin for any hardening to take effect. The following is a guide to the recommended ratios for use of casting catalyst with clear casting resin: Formula for one layer casting: if layer is 1/8 in. thick use 15 drops per ounce of resin. If layer is 1/4 in. thick use eight drops per ounce. If layer is 1/2 in. thick use six drops per ounce. If layer is 3/4 in. thick use five drops per ounce. If layer is 1 to 1 1/2 in. thick use four drops per ounce. For multi layer projects (especially when embeddingitems into it): first layer use five drops per ounce, for the second layer use four drops per ounce, for the third layer use three drops per ounce and for additional layers use two drops per ounce.

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Rated by: Kathy M in Pacific Northwest
This is a very volatile and toxic product, but it is so much fun to use! Ventilate, respirate and allow your projects to de-gas before bringing into your living space. I have used this to make castings the size of bottle caps and have had excellent results casting in tin candle molds as well as glassware. I believe this company makes another product similar to this with less odor but that resin has a less glass like appearance than this one.
Rated by: Jeanne W. in Glen Ellen, CA
I am a novice at resin casting but found the Environmental Tech products to be easy to use. The instructions were very clear and with minimal experimentation I was able to get it right.
Rated by: Richard G. in Albuquerque, NM
My first piece was a huge casting into a bell jar embedded with clay and glass objects. It took over 2 gallons of resin and many layers. And, best of all, it turned out fantastic. This stuff is really good. It is very noxious and toxic though. It is best done outside and with a good face mask. Not for kids or the faint of heart. But, worth the bother.
Rated by: Katherine L. in Westbrook, CT
This casting resin is great and exactly what I was looking for! I can't wait to experiment and find different projects to create!
Rated by: John B. in P.C., FL
Works Great! Make sure you work in a well ventilated area!
Rated by: EVELYN T. in rootstown, OH
works well just smells
Rated by: Paula B. in Hackettstown, NJ
Worked GREAT! Easy to follow instructions - even for me who has trouble with the simplest of directions (like a happy meal toy :) Though they are not kidding when they say VENTILATE WELL!!! Also very impressed with the customer service of Misterart - as I had several questions and they responded quickly (and pleasantly)!
Rated by: Brenda M. in Sherman, TX
This is the best casting resin I have ever used. Very prompt service from MrArt! and quick delivery too. I am a repeat customer and will continue to order from MrArt. Thank you!
Rated by: s k. in richmond, CA
This stuff is awesome. It works great. Make sure to ventilate WELL and have a place to let your casts "de-gas" for a few days. Intense fumes lighten up with time. Get the Catylist, the Surface Hardener and Surface Coat Spray for best results. Also, make sure to store in a temprature and dust controlled location. A cold snap, or a little bit of lint could ruin your project...
Rated by: Diane B. in West Palm Beach, FL
I might be buzzin' on the fumes, but this has to be the lowest price with the highest quality in products and service. Thanks!
Rated by: Linda S. in Bloomfield, IA
Easy to learn to use. I've been very happy with the results so far.
Rated by: Cara W. in Lawrence, KS
Easy to use, worked great.
Rated by: Graphi W. in New, WA
This resin product is the preferred casting medium in the art of Mold Making. The quality is remarkably consistent and I recommend it to all visitors who use our site. Buy it now it's simply the best there is! Good luck.
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