Deluxe Screen Printing Kit

Product Description

The ultimate kit for learning to screen print on paper, cardboard, and wood. Kit includes a 55 minute how-to video that walks you through the many techniques of screen printing. Contains 10 in. x 14 in. screen printing frame, base with hinges, 4 oz. process cyan acrylic ink, 4 oz. process magenta acrylic ink, 4 oz. process yellow acrylic ink, 4 oz. fabric ink, 4 oz. red fabric ink, instruction booklet, tracing paper, 4 oz. drawing fluid, 4 oz. screen filler, 4 oz. diazo photo emulsion, diazo sensitizer, instructional DVD, 9 in. plastic graphics squeegee, artist brush, and wooden mixing stick. Soap and water clean up. Non-toxic inks. Non-flammable liquids.

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description: complete kit with video
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Rated by: Leslie M. in Los Angeles, CA
My teen son adores this. Although we never thought we'd pry him from the computer and video games, he's busy making t-shirts for his band, posters and other wonderful creations. The instruction video lacks a few details but it is a total plus for beginners.
Rated by: kayla s. in, MN
this was a x-mas present for a friend who loved silk screening in high school. He loved the video and the fact that the kit had everything he needed to start his own projects at home. The price was perfect, much cheaper than every other kit I looked into and more complete.
Rated by: adam f. in detroit, MI
this is a great kit to have if you have very little knowledge of the silkscreen. the video was helpful with actually seeing it done on tv.
Rated by: Karie S. in Seattle, WA
a great starter kit. has all of the basics and easy to follow instructions. overall a good value for the price.
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