Screen Printing Wood Frames

Product Description

These printing frames and units are constructed of smooth wooden balusters, metered and securely fastened together. Their monofilament synthetic fabric is cord-locked in grooves and can easily be tightened or removed. The 4712, 4714, and 4729 Screen Printing Frames have 110 Monofilament Polyester fabric mesh. The 4505 and 4723 Screen Printing Units comes complete with base, hinges, kick leg and frame with 12XX fabric attached.

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Number: 4505 Unit
size: 10 in. x 14 in.
Manu #4505
Item #74358
20% off
VIP Member
30% off
Number: 4712
size: 10 in. x 14 in.
Manu #4712
Item #29233
20% off
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30% off
Number: 4714
size: 16 in. x 20 in.
Manu #4714
Item #18875
20% off
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30% off
Number: 4723 Unit
size: 16 in. x 24 in.
Manu #4723
Item #65792
20% off
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30% off
Number: 4729
size: 18 in. x 24 in.
Manu #4729
Item #39009
20% off
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30% off

(based on 14 reviews)


Rated by: Patti H. in Hanover, PA
Extremely satisfied with this product. The units are simpler than I had expected to assemble. The marks for where the screws go are pre-made, which made it a breeze to assemble the whole thing. Highly Recommend.
Rated by: Rev. L. Dianna F. in charlotte, NC
Very satisfied with service and product
Rated by: Angel D. in Chicago, IL
Awesome Product, Great Price, I will definetly be back! Highly Recommended
Rated by: lauren c. in LA, CA
great quality product - the 18x24 size is great for large scale projects
Rated by: hw n. in dublin, CA
been using speedball brand pens, supplies, etc. for nearly 40 years, since discovering their calligraphy pens/nibs in 6th grade. i have never had a regret for buying anything from them, and these screens are no exception: very well made and as close to ready to go as one can get. my only wish is that the hinges (i do multi-screen work) were packaged with the frames or more readily available.
Rated by: Carolyn F. in Severna Park, MD
Perfect gift for the silkscreener in my house. They wear well with repeated use and we can buy all the supplies we need at one time from you. Thank you for offering so many varied art products!
Rated by: John B. in palmer, MA
Speedball screens are a solid product, specially the larger sizes... they take 11X17 transparencies and don't warp after tons of use.
Rated by: allie y. in old bridge, NJ
this is an excellent screen,, the best i have used
Rated by: PETER H. in SPOKANE, WA
It is the best stuff that i have used in my business. It's durable and made to last.
Rated by: adam f. in detroit, MI
They come in many different sizes so designs are unlimited
Rated by: adam f. in detroit, MI
these screens are not put together with cheap materials. they use the same stuff on these as you would find on any other.
Rated by: Lauren G. in dallas, TX
i like using because of the quick deliveries. the screens are great quality.
Rated by: Susan I. in Saratoga, CA
These frames saved me a great deal of work because they arrived ready to be used. I was able to degrease them and set to work. The fabric is stretched and has held its tension through several different phot emulsion designs.
Rated by: Benjamin R. in Albany, NY
The Speedball printing frames are fantastic! When you don't have the time or patience to create your own framed silkscreen, speedball has several different sizes premade to work for you. I've never had a problem - you can use them again and again.
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