Scratch-Foam Board

Product Description

Looks like a linoleum print. No sharp tools needed. Produce dozens of beautiful sharp prints quickly, easily and safely. Simply use a ballpoint pen, pencil, or stick to draw on these "soft-as-butter" specially formulated white foam sheets. Compresses easily--objects can be pressed into the Scratch-Foam surface to create shapes, forms and textures. Ink the Scratch-Foam "plate" with water based ink, rub with a rubbing Stick or roll with a brayer and print on your favorite paper. Easy to clean and store. Instructions included.

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size: 12 in. x 18 in.
unit: pack of 12
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
unit: pack of 12
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Rated by: Ginny T. in Hilton Head Island, SC
We are thrilled with this product. Works very well with our students at our art studio. Ordering was very easy and delivery was prompt, affordable and on time.
Rated by: PLMcDowell in Lafayette, LA
This stuff if so much fun. I am using it in my classes for students to make their own custom texture plates for impressions in metal clay. But, I can think of so many other places that I could make good use of the item.
Rated by: Vicki T. in Long Grove, IL
The kids enjoyed working with this! Easy to carve!
Rated by: Angie P. in Hampden, ME
This is the same product I have used for years for great results in 5th graders' printmaking. MisterArt sells it for a lower price than what I have been paying and the shipping was so quick, I had it in a few days.
Rated by: Jennie p. in Tyler, TX
I ordered this product on Thursday and received it by Saturday. By Sunday night I had made 5 different print blocks and had made a total of 25 copies (I would have had more but I held back.) For those of you worried about quality – this product is not only for children. My prints looked like normal block prints, only finished in less than half the time. The print blocks clean well (if cleaned immediately), and store a way nicely.
Rated by: N S. in chicago, IL
These scratch-foam boards worked perfectly with our fourth graders. They loved creating their own design and learning how the print process worked. We will definitely use these again!
Rated by: Mary Love M. in Bellevue, WA
Product is great. Does just what it's supposed to do. Purchase process w/ was fast and easy.
Rated by: Laurel M. in Laguna Beach, CA
I bought the foam boards for a project I was doing with first to fifth graders. They were inexpensive, performed as described, and the kids loved the project.
Rated by: Ann S. in Chicago, IL
Works Great just as the description states. I wish it were a bit thicker, If you are looking for a thicker Item this is not for you, but if you wish to draw a picture and print it over and over, such as a childs drawing, or a border for a scrapbook ect, I highly recommend it.
Rated by: Phyllis V. in Mesa, AZ
The foam boards were easy to use. No muss or fuss. The children were able to make wonderful pictures which they used to print cards and gift tags.
Rated by: Christy T. in San Francisco, CA
This stuff is absolutely fantastic! I have tried many projects, from making holiday cards with my 6 year old, to more sophisticated prints that look fresh from a press. Making a plate takes as long as making a drawing. It is a pleasure to use.
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