Carvable Brayer

Product Description

An ultra-soft rubber brayer that is carvable to create continuous designs when inked. Features built-in hang-up handle and a footed stand. Superb for stampers and block print artists.

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size: 2 1/4 in. small
Manu #BRA09870
Item #28566
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size: 3 5/16 in. medium
Manu #BRA09887
Item #85051
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Rated by: Lisa V. in Las Vegas, NV
I love this product. It was a good purchase.
Rated by: Michele L. in Mantua, NJ
I make impression molds for jewelry and wood inlays w/ polymore clay and have found this tool very helpful. With the aid of a bit of talc/rice powder rubbed on the surface, and the footed stand to help guide the thickness, my molds come out uniformally stackable. Running it over the "top" of the impression helps to "lock" small details of the the object I want to impress into the clay. This is really helpful when molding small findings to be made w/PMC. Very versatile tool!
Rated by: Anne S. in Spring Run, PA
I used it for an ink colored ink pad it worked ok, but need a softer roller for my ink pad
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