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Create homemade cards that look like they were store bought. The Digital Photo Cards are inkjet printable cards in a traditional greeting card size--5 in. x 7 in. These cards have been specially coated both outside and inside for beautiful color reproduction on any inkjet printer. Ideal for sharing your favorite photos, clip art, and text messages with family and friends. Easy to follow instructions enclosed. (After printing, allow for dry time.) Acid and lignin free. Pack contains 10 cards and envelopes. Cards are available in several textures (all envelopes are smooth white): Glossy--The smooth, glossy coating on this white card means beautiful reproductive color for your photographs. Matte--The non-glare, smooth surface of this white card that is most like store bought versions. Pearl--The elegant light gray pearlescent finish of this inkjet card is a radiant way to enhance your announcements or invitations.

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finish: matte finish
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(based on 12 reviews)


Rated by: Peggy E. in St. Louis, Mo
I have had great success with these cards. Will keep ordering. Good quality.
Rated by: Margot M in Ridge, NY
I first used the canvas finish 5x7 cards last Christmas and was very pleased with them. I especially like the size, which is hard to find. I too have a problem with the back part of the card peeking out from the front of the card when it is folded as I notice others have, but I manage to work around that. I ordered this item again for my cards for Christmas 2012 and hopefully they will work out as well this year.
Rated by: Judy K. in Palo Alto, CA
Using my home color inkjet printer, I print my photographs on the Strathmore Digital Photo Cards and have both sold and given as gifts many hundreds of note cards. The quality is high, and I especially like the hard-to-find 5x7 inch size. The new environmentally-friendly packaging is a plus as well.
Rated by: sandra h. in Greenfield Township , PA
These are the best cards for photographs that I have ever used. The pictures are sharp and the size is perfect.
Rated by: sandra h. in reenfield Township , PA
These are the best cards for photographs that I have ever used. The pictures are sharp and the size is perfect.
Rated by: Sandra H. in Greenfield Township , PA
The digital photo cardS are perfect for what I want. I love to compose cards from the photos that I take. They are fun and people love them. The size is perfect. I love the glossy ones as my photos print sharp and the colors are vibrant.
Rated by: Marvin G. in New York, NY
Fine quality paper, but the thickness causes problems with my Epson printer. There are frequent misfeeds and the thickness (of the canvas style) occasionally causes the inkjets to clog. When the feed works, the results are exceptional. But, when the paper causes problems, it's frustrating and costly.
Rated by: Nancy H. in Alameda, CA
So far these cards have been a huge source of frustration for me. You need a greeting card template to make them work. Supposedly there is one available at, but they don't have one for a MAC. So if you want to use these with a MAC, you have to buy greeting card software or spend hours trying to create your own template that will work, and so far all I've done is wasted time and ruined several of these greeting cards in my printer. My advice, if you have a MAC, don't buy these unless you already have greeting card software.
Rated by: Nora B. in Annapolis, MD
I really love the way these cards turned out. Geat finish. I will be back to purchase more of these.
Rated by: Chris H. in Riverton, NJ
Not the best. Score is NOT perfectly square to the cut sheet hence, when the printed card is folded, you see the back part of the card peeking out from behind the front of the card. Stock is a bit light weight for what would be a higher quality greeting card. Also, once printed the cards curl slightly towards the glossy side. This does not make for the best presentation. However, image reproduction was as good as any higher cost 'photo' stock. They will have to correct the sloppy defects before I buy this product again. Peace!
Rated by: Melanie W. in NYC, NY
The Pearl finish cards are unique and look wonderful. The 5x7 format gives the look / feel of a store bought card. My Epson 2200 can leave some "roller" marks on the Pearl finish. This is my only complaint. I love them and will try to figure out how to fix the roller problem so I can continue to make such awesome cards!
Rated by: Elizabeth N. in Swisshome, OR
These cards are remarkable. I've been making cards for over 20 years and I've never had a card come out as good as they do with this brand. Its my opinion that these are the best to use for any project that looks professional and store bought.
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