Lanaquarelle Watercolor Paper

Product Description

This beautiful paper is popular for its resilient surface. A neutral white sheet without any odor, hand-picked one sheet at a time. Has the ability to withstand wet lifting, scraping, and other watercolor techniques and produces exquisite washes for watercolorists at any skill level. Recommended for acrylics, gouache, pastels, pen and ink, calligraphy, airbrush, drawing, silk screen, lithography, engraving and offset printing. 100% cotton, acid-free. 22 in. x 30 in. sheets cold press.

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size: 22 in. x 30 in.
unit: sheet
Manu #A89-LAQWHI40CP22
Item #77283
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Rated by: Reed-Deemer Art Studio in New Mexico
Lanaquarelle cold press is a beautiful paper for watercolor and gouache. It does not hold up to drafting tape as a masking method, but can take masking fluids. The paint continues to slowly and evenly disperse across a wet surface, applied even after the wet sheen subsides, so be careful not to over-paint during wet on wet or dispersion will go too far. It is a great paper for very surprising subtle and delicate effects, as well as bold and saturated washes, which apply easily and evenly. I am glad I tried this paper and I would definitely use it again and again.
Rated by: Steve S in Webster, NY
To me this is a top quality paper and not enough people carry it, pity. I love the 4x6 blocks for plein air painting. They're convenient, portable and reworkable. I'd like to see 5x7 blocks - for 8x10 frames - and more stores carrying it!
Rated by: Robert M. in Austin, TX
Lanaquarelle cold-pressed is a great paper, though very different than Arches. The usual lines and watermarks that develop during normal watercolor procedures are about 75% less likely to happen with this paper. Its smooth, less toothy surface makes detail work easier and yet it still seems to take rough brushing well, leaving the characteristic gaps that are desirable with this technique. One caveat--the back side of this paper is not really as usable--it is definatley "hot press."
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