Graphite Transfer Paper

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Graphite transfer paper is always handy to have around the studio, classroom or home. Transfer any design, image or drawing to any surface a pencil can write on. It works like the carbon paper we are all familiar with, but the graphite paper transfer can be erased easily with a pencil eraser. Great for sign making, school banners, murals, stenciling, sewing, airbrush, painting, and almost any art or craft project you can think of.

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size: 20 in. x 26 in. sheet
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(based on 16 reviews)


Rated by: Sonja C. in Carthage, MS
I purchased this product to use in my woodburning projects. It works great-- good, crisp transfers. In shipping the ends got crushed slightly. It should be packed so that the paper won't shift and is fully protected in transit. I will purchase this product again.
Rated by: Eva K. in Wichita, KS
Yes excellant product. Works great.
Rated by: Mary W. in Key Largo, FL
I am so happy that I discovered this product. (I only had used carbon paper and did not know there was such a thing as graphite paper.) I use it for transferring patterns and text to wood for woodburning, and it works great. No smudging and easy to erase when I don't quite follow the lines right.
Rated by: vicki m. in palm bay, FL
I tried this for the first time and loved it.
Rated by: Julie O. in Rock Hill , SC
great product
Rated by: Olive C. in Kingman, AZ
Very good paper. Transfers easily and erases easily. My only desire would be for more flexibilty of the paper. Even when cut smaller it is still difficult to get it situated to the edges of smaller projects. Nevertheless I would definitely use this product again and highly recommend it.
Rated by: Catherine B. in Frazee, MN
I found this graphite paper to be superior. Transfers the pattern with a delicate touch that is easy to see.
Rated by: Linda J. in Rohnert Park, CA
Superior product. No smudge or residue on your hands or the transfer surface. Works beautifully on fabric too.
Rated by: Daniel G. in Madison, WI
Seems to work just fine.
Rated by: Mara Y. in lakeland, FL
Great product, clean and durable. Thanks for making my teaching job easier!
Rated by: John M. in staten island, NY
I recently painted a "tattoo" on my boat, and the Bienfang Transfer paper was easy to use, and showed up crisp and clear on the fiberglas hull. A must have product!
Rated by: Harriett B. in San Angelo, TX
I have a small stained glass business and when a customer wants an original design for their window, I draw the design, then have to transfer it to the sheet of paper that the cut glass pieces will be placed upon to be soldered. It is so helpful to have the graphite paper that is big enough to transfer the whole pattern with.
Rated by: Jerry S. in McLean, VA
Here's a great little tip. You can run this transfer paper through an inkjet printer. Now my line-art and photo tracings are much more accurate! Note: My printer "complains" that the paper is too thin, so I just tape it to a regular sheet of paper and print normally.
Rated by: susan e. in holmdel, NJ
very good product and easy to use. Even elementary age students find this product a cinch to work with!
Rated by: G. M. in Okeechobee, FL
I use the graphite paper a lot, and find it very easy to work with. This is an excellent product.
Rated by: Emmy M. in Marrero, LA
I found that transfering images to paper and canvas was done with a very delicate touch. It was very easy to erase from the paper, but a little harder from canvas. I will certainly continue to use this transfer paper.
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