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These Strathmore drawing papers are acid-free with medium tooth to the surface. The 400 Series Drawing paper is a little heavier and readily accepts pen & ink, pencil, crayon, charcoal, light washes and markers. Its non-reflective surface and uniform formation make it especially suited to line drawings and technical artwork. The 300 Series Drawing paper was designed with students in mind but is invaluable to any artist who uses dry media.

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weight: 70 lb.
size: 42 in. x 10 yd.
Manu #340-42
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weight: 100 lb.
size: 42 in. x 10 yd.
Manu #401-42
Item #78349
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weight: 100 lb.
size: 36 in. x 10 yd.
Manu #401-36
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Rated by: Katie B. in Brooklyn , NY
Great paper! It's a beautiful color.
Rated by: Mary F. in Boston, MA
The large size of this paper is the only real advantage to it. I wish it were 100% rag, but there are no such papers in existence in this size. I do charcoal drawings on this and it grabs the powder very well, so well that if you want to keep an area white, do not draw there, you will never be able to completely erase it. I've used a blade before to scrape it off! Cannot beat the price however.
Rated by: Linda G. in Mt. Vernon, TX
This paper has been wonderful in its use to make a very complex family tree measuring 25 x 25". Takes India ink well without running or smearing. Service and delivery was extremely fast. I'm happy!
Rated by: Vic B. in Wall, NJ
My son used this paper for a high school project in which he choose to sketch late 19th century architectural styles for residential homes. These we large scale so the roll came in handy for getting custom widths. The paper accepted changes and looked fine after erasing. The end result was quite nice. Its also a good value for all the paper you get -we are set for the remainder of high school now.
Rated by: Heather D. in Bradenton Beach, FL
The paper was great. It is smooth enough for realistic drawing and has enough roughness for creating and holding texture.
Rated by: Charles B. in St. Amant, LA
Needed large paper and it was so hard to find. Not only did I find the exact paper I was looking for, but at a great price. Thanks Mr.art
Rated by: Joanne H. in Philadelphia, PA
The beginning of the roll was great. It is a wonderfull medium for charcoal and pastel. However, as the roll gets smaller and tighter towards the end, it has a tendency to crack, making it hard to create a smooth look. It looks as though it was folded before it was drawn on.
Rated by: Mary R. in Phoenix, AZ
I was aked to purchase the largest sized drawing paper for my life-drawing class. I don't like the look or feel of newsprint, even though the largest sized paper can be found in newsprint. I was very happy to find your drawing paper on a 42" wide roll. I can cut it to size,(I have been cutting mine to 30", which creates as 30 X 42" page to create on. The paper has great tooth and is quite white. My charcoal and sanguine chalks adhere well and make a wonderful presentation. Thanks again for a product that is otherwise difficult to find.
Rated by: Stephanie K. in washingtondc, DC
Really fast shipment and great service. Haven't used the paper yet, but it looks like it will be just fine for my purposes. I will definitely shop with you again.
Rated by: dan r. in Los Angeles, CA
I purchased the 42X10 400 series paper. Now THIS is exactly what I have been looking for. This paper is very similar to bristol board. It is thick and durable. It can be worked and abused many times over and still holds up well. I worked on large scale works on this paper with graphite, charcoal, ink, prismacolor, oil pastel, and even airbrushing and this paper can withstand all of these medians. I give it 5 stars for it's superb quality. My only complaint is that the rolled up thick bristol board can be a bit difficult to unroll out at first.
Rated by: J. M. in St. Francisville, LA
Used this paper for rubbings of old family tombstones. I was afraid it would be too heavy to pick up details, but it was great. Rubbings had nice detail, paper very durable, and the rubbings look great framed. Used with Crayola Staonal crayons. Recommend.
Rated by: Anna N. in Selkirk, NY
I think the paper was great.I had to make a life size self portrait for a drawing class and it held up well with all the different kinds of media i used on it. It was also a reasonable price for the amount of paper there was on the roll.....thanks misterart.com!
Rated by: Stephanie C. in Tucson, AZ
Of all the paper I have tried for the medium of charcoal...this brand is the best for smooth soft shading and fine detail work.
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