400 Series Field Drawing Book

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Ideal for classroom or field work, this book contains 50 sheets of 400 series drawing paper. 400 series drawing paper is one of the most versatile papers that Strathmore offers. The medium surface paper readily accepts pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, crayon and markers. Cream-colored paper is encased between two durable black hard covers. Sturdy wire binding allows book to lie flat. Paper is 80 lb. weight and acid free.

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size: 7 in. x 10 in.
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size: 9 in. x 12 in. pad
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Rated by: Bill P. in Murrieta, CA
This is an excellent field drawing book. The paper is a joy to draw on. I use it for pencil and ink, and it takes these media beautifully. The hardcover makes it practical for just about anywhere. I use mine for doing subject-matter study (like trees, rocks, water, etc.) in the field. A high quality paper at a reasonable price. And, in my experience, MisterArt's delivery is the swiftest among online art supply stores. Their customer service, which I used once due to a mistake on an order, was cheerful and promptly helpful.
Rated by: Alex B. in augusta, GA
I am currently sketching cadavers in gross anatomy class with this pad. The thickness and texture of the paper is suitable though it might be nice to have more pages per pad. What is really nice about this pad is the size, wire binding and hard cover. The wire binding allows me to open it completely beyond the limits of a conventional binding and still have the paper secured inside, while the hardcover provides a sturdy backing for drawing while standing up without the convenience of table or easel. Also the hardcover allows for some roughness, like when you throw it in your bookbag.
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