400 Series Pastel Pads

Product Description

Strathmore pastel paper was developed with texture and shades to create the ideal background for pastel paintings. The 400 Series contains wood pulp sheets ranging from subtle tints to deep fiber-enhanced colors. The textured finish and subtle colors of this paper make it ideal for oil pastel. Also suitable for soft or hard pastel. 80 lb. Acid Free. Assorted pale colors include peach, pink, aqua, iris and white. 24 sheets per pad.

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size: 11 in. x 14 in.
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size: 18 in. x 24 in.
Manu #403-18
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
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Rated by: JVS in NH
I'm going to go ahead and give this product 5-Stars, even though it's not what I was looking for in a pastel paper. I'm into photo-realism and fine details ,and there is too much texture for that, even after blending. The quality is right up there, and there is plenty of tooth as I did do some practicing on a sheet. I'm sure I'll find a use for it. It's just too nice to return.
Rated by: Anita V. in Beulah, ND
I've been a fan of Strathmore's watercolor pads, and needed a pastel pad so went with a brand I was familiar with...very good quality...I'm pleased!
Rated by: Deborah M. in Casa Grande, AZ
I received my items really fast - The prices are outstanding. Will definately do more business with MisterArt.com!! A+++++
Rated by: Anita B. in West Plains, MO
Strathmore 400 Series paper is smooth enough for the varied textures I like while using pastels. It still has enough tooth to grab the pigment well. I am always pleased with this product. I use it for commissioned work. Spray fixative does not change the paper or make it wrinkle when used correctly.
Rated by: Nancy H. in san Francisco, CA
Very nice pad and reasonably priced. Good size for traveling.
Rated by: Penny Q. in San Diego, CA
The kids loved the size. They worked very well with Pastel and fixative. Highly recommend.
Rated by: Amanda B. in Kuwait, AE
I like the texture of this paper for my softer pastels. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys using pastels.
Rated by: Lisa M. in Baltic, SD
This Strathmore pastel paper is excellent for soft pastel work, with enough texture to layer and modify the pastels with ease. The colors are also ideal for all kinds of subjects. The paper was shipped quickly and without any damage, and was priced well.
Rated by: L C. in San Francisco, CA
Very durable, strong. The texture is great, not bumpy like some (so it's perfect for chalk pastel). I'm happy with this purchase.
Rated by: Kimberly S. in Spokane, WA
Very nice texture to work pastel or cray pas on! I have sold many of my works on this paper and my collectors have all been extremely happy with them. The assorted colors give you a variety of backgrounds to work with!
Rated by: Krysia K. in Greeley, CO
I like these pads. They give me another texture option to work my paintings on and they hold the pastels very well. They also take being worked and reworked without breaking down or losing their ablitity to hold more pastel.
Rated by: W R. in Clarksville, TN
These pads are good for the price.
Rated by: Tori B. in San Juan Islands, WA
Fantastic pencils, very smooth and easy to work with. My only suggestion would be to buy the 48 or 72 pack, the 24 is nice, but limiting in colors. But, that is definately not a flaw on Derwent's side! :)
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