Cotman Water Colour Field Plus Set

Product Description

This innovative and practical watercolor set is ideal for both field and studio use. It features a unique cartridge system designed to hold half pans and whole pans securely in place, making pan replacement a snap. Each cartridge can hold up to four half pans, two whole pans or two 8 ml tubes of watercolor. The plastic kit comes with 12 half pan watercolors, Cotman pocket brush, integral mixing palette with two slide out trays for extended mixing, removable water bottle (60 ml), and two clip on pots that are ideal for water, mediums or larger washes. Colors include: Chinese white, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, viridian hue, sap green, cobalt blue hue, ultramarine, alizarin crimson hue, cadmium red pale hue, cadmium yellow hue and cadmium yellow pale hue.

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Rated by: Jane K. in La Crescenta, CA
This really is something you can carry around and pull out in an instant for a quick sketch in the waiting room, even while on the freeway (as a passenger, of course). The water bottle clinches it for me because it saves you the trouble of getting up to fill up at the bathroom - and it's a lot lighter than carrying around a bottle of drinking water. Did I mention there is enough pigment in the paints to make painting a pleasure. -- It will more than tide me over until until I save a *lot* more for the premium windsor newton field kit.
Rated by: Sally M. in San Francisco, CA
Compared to other kits this one was compact and not fragile. The design incorporates all the items you will need on an outing. It is easy to carry in a backpack.
Rated by: Kathryn M. in Hampden, MA
Great travel set. Fits in a purse and you have everything you need to paint anywhere. Bring a small block of paper and you can paint while you are waiting for an appointment.
Rated by: Laurie T. in New York, NY
I love this watercolor set!! If you are looking for something compact, that travels easy & light- this is for you. I've used it on the beach many times with a postcard sized watercolor block & had so much fun. The pan watercolors are my favorite as there is no fear of punctured tubes & the colors are true & easy to mix. A must have for beginners & pros alike.
Rated by: Asli B. in Atlanta, GA
This is a pretty nice travel set, especially recommended for traveling artists. I disagree with the other reviewer who dismissed the water bottle that is included in the design of this set. I just got back from traveling and painting around in North Africa, and believe me, you do not want to use your precious bottled water just for painting. It was nice to just fill up the watercolor bottle with tap and be done with it. The colors are limited, but you can easily mix them to get the colors you want. The water pans are small but sufficient. What I loved most is the compact design of the thing. You've got your water bottle, paints, a brush, and slide out mixing pans all in this compact, no frills design. You don't call attention to yourself when painting in a bazaar. It's quick set up, takes no up no space at all (especially awesome if you're only travelling with a backpack) I highly recommend this product if you're traveling!
Rated by: Alberto L. in Naples, FL
I like this compact set as a nifty addition (cool watercolor Field gadget) to my extensive collection of art supplies, yet I find that the 12 colors selection is rather limited and that the extra features do not warrant the higher price point over the Pocket Plus version. Thus for the price, I would recommend going with the Cotman Watercolors Painting Plus Set-with 24 Half Pans. These days bottled water is available everywhere and the clip on cups are not particularly useful.
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