Art Masking Fluid

Product Description

This medium masks and protects areas of work from subsequent washes of color. It dries to a water impervious film and can be removed by gently peeling or rubbing. Art Masking Fluid is available in pale yellow and colorless form. Pale yellow leaves a visible mask that makes removal easy. When masking very absorbent papers, however, the colorless fluid is best because it won’t stain. Unlike Permanent Masking Medium, Art Masking Fluid is removable. It comes in 2.5-ounce (75 ml) bottles.

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color: colorless
size: 75 ml
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color: pale yellow
size: 75 ml
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(based on 14 reviews)


Rated by: Bella MacB. in Upstate NY
This was good, fresh masking fluid. Fast service, too.
Rated by: David B. in Corona,CA
This Art Masking Fluid is very effective. It preserves the area you are masking very effectively. Keep it in your artist box. You will be glad you did.
Rated by: Julie D. in Northern, NY
Fantastic as usual, never fails. I've never had a problem with the pale yellow tint leaving a stain but if you're worried, buy the colorless. They both work great.
Rated by: Penny Q. in san diego, CA
Looking forward to using this product. The reviews gave me very helpful tips with the brushes. Thank you.
Rated by: tamara a. in waddington, NY
Wonderful... works just as it claims.
Rated by: Carol L. in Syracuse, NY
It works very effectively and without any problems.
Rated by: Cindy B. in Grand Junction, CO
It seems to do exactly what it is supposed to, so I'm happy with it.
Rated by: Jean B. in Independence, KS
It goes on easily and with a brush. Easy cleanup.
Rated by: karen S. in Toms River, NJ
I've used this product for 10 years when doing my watercolors and I find it to be the best out there.
Rated by: jeanette s. in willits, CA
easy to order from you and recieved my order quickly. thank you
Rated by: Peggy H. in Carlton, OR
The best way to keep the mask from gumming up your brushes is to put a small amount of liquid soap on the brush and rubbing it in the palm of you hand to suds it up a little before dipping it into the mask. When you are finished just rinse off the mask and the soap at the same time. Don't forget to apply the soap again the next time you use the mask.
Rated by: Peggy H. in Carlton, OR
This is the best mask I have used so far. It goes on and comes off easily and cleanly.
Rated by: Jane S. in plano, TX
The best I have found so far.
Rated by: Antonia T. in San Diego, CA
Once you get it on the paper, this masking fluid does a fabulous job, producing a crisp edge and leaving no residue behind. My problem is with my brushes. The frisket dries almost immediately, gumming up the applicator brush, and the brush is then all but impossible to salvage. You can kind of pick out the dried rubber with your fingers, but this does a marginal job. My solution so far has been to buy a supply of super-cheap craft brushes, but if anyone else has a better idea, I'd love to hear it.
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