Karat Watercolor Crayon Sets

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Various effects can be achieved through the excellent water solubility of these soft color crayons. Set of 12 or 24 assorted crayons in a gift quality tin. The 24 color set contains one each yellow, orange, red, bordeaux, light blue, cobalt blue, green, willow green, van dyck brown, black, white, flesh, rosewood, light magenta, dark mauve, violet, cyan, sea green, sand, golden ochre, light green, light olive, burnt sienna, and light gray. The 12 color set contains one each yellow, orange, red, bordeaux, cobalt blue, light blue, willow green, green, van dyck brown, black, white, and flesh.

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Rated by: Dave in Los Angeles, CA
While these work very well when with water (applying wet, or applying dry then wetting), I find them to be quite hard. So I find it difficult to get a vivid mark with dry crayon on dry paper. If I want to have some recognizable crayon marks, I find that I am much happier with water soluble oil pastels (e.g. caran d'ache), water soluble pencils, or Stabilos.
Rated by: Pam M in Fort Myers, FL
A wonderful addition to my myriad of mixed-media playthings. The colors are lovely and they are as simple to use as a crayola crayon. However I find they work best on smooth paper. I used them on watercolor paper that has tooth and it adheres strongly to the raised bumps causing a darker hue on raised parts, but this is not always negative. It depends on the effect one wants!
Rated by: Penny Q. in La Mesa, CA
I ordered these for the school so that the kids can use and one teacher commented how all of a sudden all of the kid's projects have become more colorful and vibrant in the art show. They are great !!! Excellent quality.
Rated by: Penny Q. in san diego, CA
The Best ever! I wish I had come across these sooner, or my whole collection of Aqua Crayons would be this set of 24. Have ordered many many of them and they last forever! Vibrant Color! I use it on canvas so the kids can think "outside the box".
Rated by: Carol R. in Phoenix, AZ
Ordered the 24 watercolor crayons. They came in great condition, and are wonderful to work with. They blend great to creat other colors.
Rated by: Susan M. in Lake Forest Park, WA
My students love these colors. They are bright and very easy to use. For younger kids the thicker crayons work better than narrow watercolor pencils.
Rated by: Carolyn W. in Elk Grove, CA
Wonderful colors and very easy to work with. They are an excellent media and of very good quality.
Rated by: sherri r. in charleston, WV
These crayons are blend and flow gorgeously...fantastic for layering rich color. Then thin with water from a brush for brilliant creative effects.
Rated by: Susan M. in Lake Forest Park, WA
I love these crayons! Children find them easy to use and the colors are brillant. I even use them with preschoolers.
Rated by: Susan R. in San Antonio, TX
I LOVE my STAEDTLER Karat Watercolor Crayon Sets. They are the best quality I have found. I'm done looking and will using only Staedtler from now on. Thank you for a great product.
Rated by: Phyllis M. in Granite City, IL
Colors are beautiful and product is so easy to use! I would highly recommend to everyone.
Rated by: Miss Belle H. in San Francisco, CA
These are absolutely great! They acompany water color pencils so well for filling in large areas! I love them!
Rated by: Judy M. in pekin, IL
I can't imagine not having these! I have used them in some way on all my mixed media art since purchasing. Wet brush to crayon is my favorite method. The colors stay vibrant and look beautiful mixed. A must have forever!
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