Dammar Varnish

Product Description

This pale yellow, flammable varnish dries quickly to a high gloss. Dammar Varnish will work on oil and alkyd paintings, prints, maps and drawings, and tends to darken with age. The varnish is available in 75 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml bottles.

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size: 250 ml
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size: 500 ml
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size: 75 ml
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Rated by: Richard G. in Far Rockaway, NY
Excellent service and product and price. Fast and easy to order and the delivery was very prompt.
Rated by: Mary B. in Gainesville, FL
This is the only varnish I'd use, so why not get the large, economy size? By the way, some people have trouble opening (any) varnish. It will open easily if you put it on a table, stand above it and push straight down on the lid as hard as you can while you turn it counter-clockwise.
Rated by: Lacey P. in Baton Rouge, LA
This is pretty good stuff; and it does indeed dry quickly. This helps if you are working on projects which are time-sensitive.
Rated by: Janie F. in Centralia, WA
This is the best Damar Varnish I have found in over 20 years. I recently tried two or three others but they just did not measure up to the quality and ease of application. Windsor Newton is the best Damar Varnish around today!
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