Manikin 12 in. with Flexible Waist

Product Description

Perfectly proportioned, with the new added feature of flexible waist. Made of seasoned hardwood. Unlike traditional manikins, these provide for added hip movement allowing one to bend the manikin in any position.

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color: black
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color: natural
Manu #U-MK-12MN
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(based on 4 reviews)


Rated by: Terri S. in Fremont, OH
Just what I expected for the price range. It is perfectly workable for most needs, although the waist bending is stiff and takes a little more effort to pose. Satisfied I got what I paid for for sure.
Rated by: Stephen S. in Baghdad IRQ, AE
Not a bad value for the money...but this item would be better if about 33% more flexible. The quality seems to be a bit better than comparable non-flexible models.
Rated by: Sierra R. in Santa Rosa, CA
It said it would go into any position. But when I pose the leg with a knee bent sharply, it snaps back to the right angle knee. I am disappointed about that. Also the "bendable" waist only bends forward and only a little bit. I draw children who can bend backwards too. So I wish I hadn't bought it actually.
Rated by: Trevor C. in norwalk, OH
This mannequin is excellent value for money, altho, it dropped a star in my rating as I feel it could have been a bit more flexible in the mobility of the joints. It is however practical, and useful, a good item for the price!
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