Multi-Palette Disposable Paper Palette

Product Description

Multi-Palette allows the artist to have a clean, fresh palette at each painting session. Simply tear off the top sheet and it's ready to use. Each pad contains 50 light weight (41 lb.) sheets. Sheets have a smooth surface texture to make mixing oil or acrylic paints easy.

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size: 12 in. x 16 in.
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
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Rated by: candi in sw missouri
I use acrylics and thin them with water. This is the best quality paper I have found for maintaining its shape during use.
Rated by: Bill P. in Temecula, CA
Very handy. These paper palette sheets work fine, easy to mix on, with quick clean up. And you don't have to worry about where to wash the acrylic off of your glass or plastic paeltte. Just peal off the sheet, crumple it and put it in the waste basket.
Rated by: philip h. in oakland, CA
great for the classroom. tear a page off, mix your paints on there and throw it away at the end of class.
Rated by: Barbara S. in Fletcher, NC
I found this palette extremely useful for several reasons. First, it has 50 pages, as opposed to the 20-page palettes available in most places I have shopped. Second, the weight and texture of the pages are perfect for mixing and holding the paints, and they also tend to keep the paint wetter for a longer time because of the smoothness and lack of porosity. Third, I like the easy cleanup of simply folding up the page and having another one ready immediately - no messy cleaning of palettes of other materials. Fourth, the price is right. This 50-page palette was less expensive than the 20-page ones I previously purchased at bricks-and-mortar stores.
Rated by: Nancy A. in Naples, FL
Great product...I sometimes put the palette (oil paint and all) in the freezer overnight. Works well for me and the friend who suggested it.
Rated by: Ruby S. in Lovelady, TX
I wasn't too sure about the pallete when I ordered it but they are fantastic. Makes cleaning a breeze.
Rated by: Loretta R. in san luis obispo, CA
Excellent product. Cleanly tears off with one hand.
Rated by: W. M. in Hoover, AL
Excellent palette pad. Been using this product for years now. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Rikki Q. in Temecula, CA
Excellent product, would recommend it to any artist.
Rated by: Michael M. in New York, NY
Great product. Has a glossy-flexible surface suitable for oils, acrylics and gessos. Makes for quick and easy clean up.
Rated by: Walter L. in Elberton, GA
Great product. Makes cleanup much easier after painting. Highly recommend.
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