Winton Oil Colour Basic Set

Product Description

This set contains ten 21 ml. tubes of Winton Oil Color: cadmium yellow pale hue, permanent alizarin crimson, French ultramarine, phthalo blue, permanent green light, viridian hue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, ivory black and titanium white. Winton Oil Color was developed to provide the highest quality colors at an affordable price. By replacing some of the more costly traditional pigments with excellent modern alternatives, Winsor & Newton have created a range of colors that match the richness and consistency of more expensive oils without the high price.

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Rated by: Mary B. in Gainesville, FL
Great quality and price. I did add a few more colors before I felt I had the best basic combinations, but technically you could mix any color desired from those in this kit.
Rated by: Mary An S. in Newark, DE
I bought these as an addition to the Holiday Box Gift Set. You could not beat the price for this quality and delivery was very prompt.
Rated by: Tyra H. in Palos Heights, IL
This is an excellent starter set. Great price. I would buy an additional tube of white and black as you will need more of those.
Rated by: Patrick K. in Frenchtown, NJ
Nice starter set at a good price.
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