Liquin Impasto Medium

Product Description

This quick drying, thick impasto medium retains crisp textures and brush strokes without leveling and extends tube color. Liquin Impasto provides a semi-gloss, non-yellowing finish.

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size: 200 ml
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Rated by: Patrick N. in Jackson, MS
This is a terrific medium for heavy work; it literally increases the amount of paint you have to work with! Its consistency is exactly like paint, so just mixing equal portions yields twice as much paint without adding or sacrificing opacity or transparency. It applies, feels, and works like pure paint, only dries in half the time. An outstanding product.
Rated by: Tommy P. in Cleveland, GA
Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto is in my opinon the best medium for oils that any artist doing thick impasto work could use! Brush or knife. Personally I prefer a pallet knife and loads of paint! The peaks hold,the color is retained throughout the mix,and drying time lowered from months to weeks! I was hooked from the first tube, try it and so will you. MrArt, please keep a large stock. Happy painting everyone!
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