Basics Matt Acrylic Color Sets

Product Description

This affordable set of Basics Matt acrylics is the perfect choice for students looking for deep, rich color with extra opacity. The set contains five large 75 ml. (2.54 U.S. fl. oz.) tubes of Basics Matt Acrylic Color: primary yellow, primary red, primary blue, ivory black, and titanium white. All Basics Matt colors are formulated with a unique, free-flow consistency for smooth, level application. They’re water soluble when wet and permanent, water resistant, and flexible when dry. Also available in individual tubes.

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description: set of 5
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I am new to this company. This is my third order. I have been truly impressed with their low prices, quality products and high service quality for customers !
Rated by: Carol J. K. in Belmont, CA
The prices are so good and the product was shipped so quickly that I couldn't believe it was here that soon. I love liquitex products and will order from you again.
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