Acrylic Flow Improver

Product Description

When applied to acrylics, Winsor & Newton’s Artists' Acrylic Flow Improver increases the flow of color, giving them the consistency of watercolors. This allows the even application of flat color without loss of color strength.

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size: 125 ml
Manu #3030937
Item #84045
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(based on 4 reviews)


Rated by: Sandy L. in Corona, CA
Makes floating a breeze and lining effortless. It's like making your water wetter.
Rated by: Michelle W. in Saint Francisville, LA
Fine prouct... improves moveabliliy of paint well.
Rated by: Jonathan T. in Pierre, SD
Flow is dramatically increased - color breakdown is indistinguishable for any type of acrylic. Even heavy mixes treat the paint well. Great for washes, inks, and everyday (1:1 mix) use. A MUST have!
Rated by: MaryEllen S. in Talco, TX
Great to mix with water to do floats with acrylic paint!!
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