Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder

Product Description

This medium increases the blending time of acrylics by up to 50%, making blending of colors and detail brushwork easier. It also has a very fluid consistency that thins paints, so colors go on smoother and liner work flows easier. Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder is available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.

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size: 4 oz.
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Rated by: SUSAN O. in Jasper, TX
I'm taking an adult painting class and the instructor initially didn't want me to use acrylics because they would dry out by the time she got around to me. She's changed her mind after seeing how well this product works and we are both happy! Sue
Rated by: Ray T. in Boise, ID
I use it often and it works.
Rated by: Margaret C. in Red oak, TX
Just what I had been looking for in making my acrylics dry at a slower rate. Can now work with them better because of this medium.
Rated by: Don J. in Lahaina, HI
This great product is called Liquitex Acrylic Slow-Dri Medium. Today it is called Slow-Dri Fluic Retarder. It is water clear and very strong. I use it with a liner brush to draw in my painting's outlines, over the charcoal drawing that I lightly brush clean with a feather. That thin wash line doesn't move after it is dry. It's a great product and I want to help spread the word. Don Jusko
Rated by: Richard R. in Alamogordo, NM
I recently started using a retarder for my painting. I tried a couple of other brands, but LIQUITEX Slow-DriTM Fluid Retarder is one of the best. The bottle is great. It lets me measure a precise amount whenever I need it. I also mix up a batch with LIQUITEX Flow Enhancer for thinning my paints while working. The retarder really helps slow the dry time of my acrylic paints. This lets the paint flow longer and elimnates brush marks, as well as gives me the time to wet blend colors for very smooth transitions and shading. Slow Dry is an essential addition to any serious painter's paint collection. One of the great things about LIQUITEX Slow-DriTM Fluid Retarder is I have yet to find any brand of paint it won't work with. I highly recommend getting some now.
Rated by: Scott T. in Indianapolis, IN
This is one of the slickest products that I have ever used. The product itself helps keep paint from drying too quickly and allows you to use smaller amounts of pain for your brushes. (At one point I was seeing how little it would let me use at one point and I was able to load the brush with a eye dropper and three drops of paint). I would caution that the hole that the retarder comes out of on the bottle is just a bit too big, so if you are looking for 100% control of flow from the container you have to be really careful. This product does have less surface tension than water, but I expected them to use a different bottle top than their flow aid and other products. They use the standard top however, and this can give you two or three drops as opposed to one drop where you want it. Other than that detail, which, had I been warned about before shaking vigorously above my paints, then I would have had to say that this product is near perfect for what it is expected to do. It makes water 'wetter' and once you have a head up that care will need to be taken to get a drop where you want it, then it is an amazing buy.
Rated by: Guillaume C. in Huntington, NY
Does exactly what it says, gives superb open time to paints and incredible flow. I will not paint without it.
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