Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium

Product Description

This extremely thick, extra heavy body gel medium makes acrylics significantly denser, giving them high surface drag and a stiff “oil-like” feel. It dries clear to translucent, depending on the thickness of the application, and shrinks very little during drying time. Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium extends paint, increases brilliance and transparency, and keeps paint working longer than most other gel mediums. It is flexible, non-yellowing, and water resistant when dry. Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium is available in 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. jars.

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size: 16 oz.
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size: 32 oz.
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size: 8 oz.
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Rated by: Diana H. in Blacksburg, SC
I have never used this particular product. It was actualy purchased for an experament on a painting I was was doing for my husband as a girt. It turned out awesome and he loved it. So Glad I found Can't beat pricing and delivery.
Rated by: Chris B. in Laredo, TX
Wow! This stuff is great. I used to swear by Mod Podge for decoupage, but I'm converted. Liquitex reaches a hard cure. I love the finish and that it is waterproof, unlike Mod Podge.
Rated by: Ouida M. in Gainesville, FL
I got just what I was looking for... absolutely non-yellowing. Beautiful.
Rated by: Sherry G. in Wichita, KS
I found this product amazing as well as fun to use. Amazed at how clear it is once dried, very easy to control with application. Downright fun mixing with colors or straight from the jar.
Rated by: margherita g. in woodside, NY
Wonderful product to work with. You would be surprised with the final results. Recommend this product highly.
Rated by: Monica M. in Dallas, TX
Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel is a great way to beef up a project. It really does dry clear, and it's a perfect medium for mixed media work in both consistency and adhesive quality.
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