Glazing Medium

Product Description

Liquitex Glazing Medium creates brilliant, jewel-like glazes when used with acrylic colors. It has excellent brushing and leveling qualities and it dries quickly for rapid layering. This medium works best with transparent or translucent colors. It is flexible, non-yellowing, non-cracking, and water resistant when dry.

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Rated by: Denise S. in venice, CA
This glaze is perfect to make paint more translucent... as well as it makes for great blending. Great item.
Rated by: Jess T. in Seattle, WA
Nice glaze, works a lot like modge-podge but less viscous and with a more liquid flow.
Rated by: shirley d. in fairmont, WV
I could not live without this product. I mix it in with golden glazes as well as golden liquid acrylics.
Rated by: Melsky W. in 29 Palms, CA
I use transparency a lot in my painting. I have been using clear gloss glaze to mix with paint, and I thought I would give this a try. The consistancy is thinner than gloss glaze, thinner, and does not give as much of a glossy effect when it dries. There isn't the buildup of layers of paint that I get with gloss glaze. It makes the paint flat both sheen and dimention. It says on the bottle that it speeds drying time. They are not kidding--I could not believe how fast it made the paint dry! This does help if you are putting on a lot of lot of layers, though it can be a liability if you want to change a mistake. I liked this much more than I thought I would. I've used it on watercolor paper, canvas paper, canvas and canvas panels, and it gave great results on all surfaces.
Rated by: Guillaume C. in Huntington, NY
Very nice glazes, very clear. Good flow also.
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