Fabric Medium

Product Description

This medium enhances the workability of acrylic paint on fabric. It controls bleeding of colors thinned with water and provides a smooth, consistent flow to acrylic color. Liquitex Fabric Medium also prevents uneven application of paint to rough fabrics. It reduces the stiffness of dried acrylic paint on fabric and eliminates the need to scrub or abrade rough fabrics before painting. Liquitex Fabric medium does not require heat setting.

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size: 4 oz. bottle
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Rated by: Deborah P. in Portsmouth, NH
This technique of using the liquitex fabric medium on my canvas before painting my design was suggested to me by a friend. I am still working on proportions, but it has been very helpful.
Rated by: Diane J. in Brooksville , FL
The Liquitex fabric medium works alright but didn't give me what I was looking for. After trying it several times I realized my expectations were not reasonable for what I was trying to do. I like Liquitex products but think I will stay with the regular Liquitex medium that I have been using for over 15 years. Mister Art. com is a great way to get the things I need and in a timely fashion. It saves me a lot of time and travel since I am unable to get what I need close to home. Thanks MrArt.Com
Rated by: Verna K. in Tucson, AZ
I have found this medium to be perfect when using with acrylic paints to thin for fabric painting of both clothing and banners. This makes the paint flow smoothly, unlike many of the fabric mediums that are too thick to flow easily. This medium is perfect.
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