Acrylic Matte Medium

Product Description

This soft body medium creates a matte, non-reflecting finish when added to acrylic colors. It increases transparency, extends color, and increases matte sheen and film integrity. Acrylic Matte Medium also eases flow of paint, and adds flexibility and adhesion to paint film.

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size: 16 oz.
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Rated by: Steve Egge in Rough and Ready, CA
I make lifelike mannequin figures and am making 10 miners for an underground gold mining exhibit. It is very damp, and damage to the clothing is a huge concern. I tried several other products, i.e. mildewcide sprays and brushed on polyester resin, but in a trial run, I still had problems. I finally was told to try the Liquitex Matte Medium. I have fully immersed some clothing but normally found brushing it on with a small roller the best way to apply it. While stiffening somewhat the clothing remained natural looking and has a finish that I'm confident will repel the water in this damp environment. The figures have not been installed yet but I'm pretty certain the outcome will be positive when they are.
Rated by: Katie K. in Takoma Park, MD
Great product - perfect for collage and thinning/extending paint.
Rated by: Jess A. in Mansfield , OH
Great for final non-gloss finish. Easy to apply.
Rated by: Ray T. in Boise, ID
Does excellent job at thinning paint.
Rated by: Euroya L. in Johnstown, NY
I love this item! Works great! Shopping through MisterArt is a very nice experience, it's very convienent!~ Thanks a lot!!!
Rated by: Diane J. in Brooksville, FL
I love this stuff. I paint clothing and there is less fade, less stiffness than many other mediums I have tried. I love shopping through MisterArt also. Very convienent and everything arrives in tact, fresh, perfect and in a timely manner. Thanks
Rated by: Danielle G. in Scottsdale, AZ
No complaints here! Works great for glazing techniques, if you want to cut down on the shine a little bit.
Rated by: pamela h. in edmore, MI
it's great
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