Acrylic Matte Gel Medium

Product Description

This medium has all the properties of Gloss Gel Medium except that it dries translucent to a satin matte finish. It has a viscosity and body similar to heavy acrylic color, and possesses greater adhesion than most other gel mediums. Acrylic Matte medium also extends acrylic paints and increases their brilliance without changing the thickness of the paint.

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size: 16 oz.
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size: 8 oz.
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(based on 10 reviews)


Rated by: Lauralee in Cleveland, oh
I seem to go through it really fast so buy the largest jar you can. It's great.
Rated by: jacquelyn b. in burlingame, CA
I had thought I had ordered one matte and one high gloss but looked at the order and found I had ordered two matte; wishing it would be easier to exchange without reshelving fees. Other then that the product is quite nice.
Rated by: anthony b. in Paonia, CO
as good a medium as one can find.
Rated by: hope h. in dallas, GA
highly recomend this to anyone who works with paper or photos on canvas.
Rated by: Kellie P. in Toledo, OH
Using it for far, it's been great.
Rated by: shirley d. in fairmont, WV
I use a lot of this wonderful product. So many uses in altered books and journals
Rated by: Desiree A. in Orlando, FL
I really like Liquitex and this matte medium is just what I needed. I had been using glossy gel before, but I like the matte better. Very nice quality.
Rated by: Beverly M. in Malvern, AR
First time I've tried this matte gel medium and I love it
Rated by: david k. in denver, CO
I enjoy this very much. glossy sucks. matte good.
Rated by: Wayne G. in Mapleton, MN
I have used this with my paints. It works very well.
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