Acrylic Gloss Medium & Varnish

Product Description

This soft body, all purpose medium can be mixed into any acrylic paint. It enhances the depth and intensity of color, increases transparency and gloss, eases the flow of paint, and adds flexibility and adhesion. It can also be used as a varnish to protect paintings and establish a glossy surface. Translucent when wet, Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish dries to a transparent, non-tacky, flexible surface. Extremely durable, it won’t retain dirt and won’t crack from temperature and humidity changes.

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(based on 22 reviews)


I LOVE IT,I hand paint bags it gives me the best finish ever.
Rated by: Nancy J in Hallowell Maine
I use this with metallic powders as a finishing coat over tissues walls and many other ways. I bought a gallon and keep it on hand. I am totally impressed with the service recd from
Rated by: Linda in Federal Way, WA
Perfect for adding gloss glaze to my acrylic paintings. Quick shipping and very secure packaging.
Rated by: Jess A. in Mansfield , OH
Great for surfaces you wish to be glossy. Mixes well with paint. Easy cleanup. Goes a long way.
Rated by: Renee . in Holly Springs, MS
I use this as a varnish on acrylic paintings all the time... always performs well.
Rated by: Linda L. in Scarsdale, NY
Our adult education teacher introduced me to this medium in my acrylics class. I am new to this kind of painting. This product gives the my work an almost translucent, luminous quality. I love the effects I can achieve.
Rated by: Jennifer P. in Costa Mesa, CA
I am using this product for a finishing gloss over the Liquitex acrylic. Once again, the price is so great that I could buy a trusted name brand product! I just can't say enough great things about the products and service I have received from!
Rated by: Janice R. in Ellenwood, GA
I was very pleased with this product, I mostly see products similar to these to seal my paintings once finished, but I am considering trying it mixed with my acrylics while painting...
Rated by: Cindy B. in Grand Junction, CO
I have only used this to varnish a couple of my first paintings to see how they look varnished, and I LOVE how they look. I haven't used it yet DURING the painting process.
Rated by: Victoria A. in Seattle, WA
I love this varnish. It's very shiny which is exactly what I want.
Rated by: Sheila M. in ds, LA
Great finish, this is a very good multi-purpose medium. Great price !
Rated by: Katharine G. in Shreveport, LA
This is a great product. I bought the small size to try it out and now wished I'd bought more.
Rated by: Merrill M. in St Augustine, FL
Good shiney effects, very cost effective as you upsize. MLM
Rated by: Clemmie K. in Monroe, NC
Great for collage work! And clean up is easy.
Rated by: Erica T. in tallahassee, FL
great finish
Rated by: Susan D. in Scottsdale, AZ
Couldn't ask for a better product that is so multi-purpose. Great prices and service. Thank you.
Rated by: Shannon G. in Raleigh, NC
I go through this multi purpse varnish constantly. Its great for adding to paint I'm running low on!
Rated by: Kelly C. in Camden, NC
I like this varnish, it's glossy which is just what I needed. It dries quickly and is easy to clean up. Love the price, too!
Rated by: Therin B. in Buena Vista, CO
Great varnish, really brings out the colors, but it does show all imperfections. I prefer the matte varnish, unless my canvass and paint are perfectly smooth.
Rated by: Sheila M. in Denham Springs, LA
I like the way it mixes with my craft paints to give a translucent look.
Rated by: Brenda C. in Walterboro, SC
Excellent varnish, dries fast and no yellow tinge, clear when dry. Not too glossy. I've used it for years and recommend it highly
Rated by: Rosemary B. in St.George, UT
This quality product adds an incredible gloss coating to acrylic paintings and dries very quickly. The gallon container is economical. I wouldn't sell an acrylic painting without it!
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