Modeling Clay

Product Description

Crayola Modeling Clay enables children to create in three dimensions! Triangles, rectangles, squares, and balls are easy to make and combine in lots of different ways. You can build a house, claymate, or a wiggly critter. Just let your imagination soar! Each package contains 1 lb. of clay in four individually wrapped and colored sticks – red, blue, yellow and green. The clay is non-hardening for hours of use.

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description: modeling clay
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Rated by: Lori G. in Ira, MI
This is a great product for the students to manipulate and play with. I love the fact that it does not dry out!
Rated by: Greg S. in White Hall, MD
This product is just what you'd expect from Crayola; consistent texture, color and work-ability. Texture is firm enough to hold, yet pliable enough for young hands. Good clay!
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