Kids Finger Painting Book

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A coated medium weight paper. The smooth surface allows finger paints to be worked and reworked. 30 sheets per pad. The pad measures 18 in. x 12 in.

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description: fingerpaint pad
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(based on 16 reviews)


Rated by: Marilyn T. G. in Queen Creek, AZ
I have a 4-1/2 yr. old grandson who loves doing all kinds of 'art work'. He shows great delight in receiv'g. any item such as this. And the size of paper is perfect! The price is great, as well. A perfect gift!
Rated by: A R. in Murphy, NC
This is GREAT paper MADE IN THE USA! I have used Strathmore papers in our graphics business for almost 20 years & have always been happy with it. I bought this for my 3 year old to use as it is a little bigger then the tabloid paper I had on hand. Its getting harder to find craft papers made in America but I search them out over the Chinese made counterparts:-)
Rated by: Kimi B. in Sioux City, IA
We love this paper. My son's second birthday was this August and we purchased crayons, colored pencils, and fingerpaints with this Fingerpaint Pad. Everything writes so perfectly on this paper, not just the fingerpaints. The paintings are perfectly the way we wanted them and the paint doesn't slide off the paper. I also love the size... not gigantic but there's plenty of room for your smart, artistic kids to enjoy being busy at work.
Rated by: Clare H. in New York, NY
The size is perfect: small enough for a child to handle but big enough to really get into the spirit of painting.
Rated by: Victoria B. in Houston, TX
This paper was great for my daughter to fingerpaint on. The paints move around nicely on it and it doesn't tear even when it's wet. Nice quality, good size.
Rated by: Amanda G. in New Bern, NC
I purchased this paper after reading all the other reviews here, and just have to say that I agree completely and highly reccomend this paper. This pad has a large work surface. Great for small children! Gives them plenty of room to work on. The paper is nice and slick, and makes a nice surface for receiving and working finger paints. Next time I'll be sure to pick a couple of these pads up. I haven't seen it at any of my local art stores, and this is definitely a great item to pick up.
Rated by: Vanessa k. in Pike, NY
This paper is perfect for kids to fingerpaint on -- big and slick. The best I've found. ..
Rated by: Kris D. in Maple Grove, MN
Large sheets of paper - great price!
Rated by: Kate C. in New York, NY
Terrific, big sheets of paper at a great price. I couldn't find anything comparable in the stores. Kids can really get expressive with so much space to paint on!
Rated by: Katherine M. in Seattle, WA
Terrific surface for fingerpainting - slick and shiny.
Rated by: Anna P. in Denver, CO
This paper is perfect for kids to fingerpaint on -- big and slick. The best I've found.
Rated by: Carol M. in Littleton, CO
Excellent value. Nice big size white paper with a shiny finish. This is the kind I had as a kid in school and haven't been able to find.V
Rated by: Robert S. in Thornton, CO
Excellent value and the big size which can't be found in the regular stores.
Rated by: Sandra M. in Port St.Lucie, FL
I searched high and low for finger paint paper pads without success. All I had was what came with kits in chain stores, which were small and limited in amount of sheets. I love these sheets because they are large enough to really produce a pre-school masterpiece, yet they don't bleed through or curl up as the paint drys. I bought 3 pads since my son is really drawn to fingerpainting more than any other medium.
Rated by: Camie O. in Atlanta, GA
This paper is great with finger paint. Regular paper gets all bent up, but this smooth paper that's made for finger painting really does the trick!
Rated by: Kim H. in Bellefonte, PA
a trusted name in art paper! actually, it is nice paper for fingerpainting and fingerpaint paper (the good, slick kind) is hard to find.
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