Multicultural Crayons

Product Description

Multicultural Crayons come in an assortment of skin hues that give a child a realistic palette for coloring their world. The 8 colors are: black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany, and burnt sienna. They are available in a box of regular size crayons and a box of large size which is more comfortable for little hands to hold.

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size: large
unit: box of 8
Manu #52-080W
Item #67023
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size: regular
unit: box of 8
Manu #52-008W
Item #06846
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Rated by: Patricia H. in Northern, AR
These crayons are fantastically shaded and enable one to create realistic skin tones for multi-cultural figures; so much better than using yellow, orange and brown!
Rated by: Rebecca M. in Bakersfield, CA
I wanted these crayons so that my kids can make pictures of themselves and they don't have to use yellow or orange for skin. I also bought the multicultural markers.
Rated by: Fauzer Simao A. in Miami, FL
Fantastic! Fantastic! Beautiful colors!
Rated by: Kathryn W. in Higbee, MO
I previously purchased the sixteen count and was thrilled with the 8 count box of these crayons. The larger size is much more accomodating for younger users. Thanks!
Rated by: Christine S. in Bridgeport, CT
Since I work with many different cultures, there is a real need for colors that represent ALL peoples skin. And you have done it with these crayons. Thank you for making my job easier.
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