Frosted Glass Finish

Product Description

Formulated to obscure vision yet allow light to pass through, sprays a dull, durable film that lasts. Decorative and functional. Easy to apply. Use on glass or plastic.

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size: 12 oz.
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(based on 10 reviews)


Rated by: Crystal C. in Amarillo,TX
At first I was very happy with the finish, until I needed to remove the residue left from the stencil adhesive! The frosted finish comes off very easily, which was not what I had planned for! Extremely disappointed!
Rated by: Matt W. in Toledo, OH
While it did frost the glass, I found the finish to scratch very easily. Also, the can says that the frosted surface is water resistant and can be cleaned with household cleaners. It does NOT say - remove with household cleaners. There is a separate section for that. However a hint of Windex took it right off. Extremely frustrating when I had taken the time to make a very intricate design, to have it wipe right off. Less than pleased.
Rated by: Gary D. in temecula, CA
Great product! Does everything they claim. Covers glass perfectly.
Rated by: Lindley J. in Boone, NC
I'm still testing it out, but here is what I have found so far: It does frost glass quite well (use in a ventilated area!!!) and is waterproof. However I was looking for something a little more opaque. (I am stenciling a window that was broken, to match a set of store-bought windows.) In experimenting with it I've found that several layers of the product make the finish more prone to scratches. Though, like I said, this is the first of several tests. I will post more as I continue.
Rated by: Tim H. in St.paul, MN
Product performed as advertised. I would recommend it to anyone.
Rated by: melina h. in Hampton Bays, NY
Excellent product, perfect for my bathroom window which is in the shower stall! Even better, Mister Art is an excellent supplier. Perfect transaction from the time of order placement to delivery of my item. Thanks!
Rated by: Leatrice J. in Brattleboro, VT
We liked it! It has good coverage and best of all, left little residue on surrounding paint. We used it to frost a bathroom window and would definitely use it again. The only downfall is it is exceedingly smelly and noxious to apply. We were choked out of the room by it. But it was also delivered promptly and well by and we'll use them again, too!
Rated by: Anna P. in Denver, CO
I loved the effect of this product. It was relatively easy to get a good look. My only complaint is that it is a pretty delicate finish and damages easily. I wrote Krylon customer service to ask what they would recommend, and this is what they said: "In theory, you can apply a clear coating over Glass Frosting, but it is not a standard recommendation. If you would like to add a clear coating over the Glass Frosting, I would suggest using the Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish, Krylon Crystal Clear, or the Minwax Polycrylic. These clear coatings may be applied to a fully cured Glass Frosting paint film. Please allow the last coat of Glass Frosting to dry for at least 7-10 days before top coating. NOTE: Technically you are applying a clear finish that will take the brunt of daily wear and tear before the underlying paint film. However, you will change the appearance of the Glass Frosting with a clear top coat. You are adding a clear film with a reflective value. Glass Frosting is dull and non-reflective. You may want to spray out a sample for final approval before applying to entire project.
Rated by: Cliff W. in Dallas, TX
Compared to Rustoleum's Frosted Glass, this Krylon version is far superior. More of the can's contents actually makes it to the glass and adheres, whereas Rustoleum's version begins drying the instant it leaves the can and therefore "bounces" off the glass ends up making huge clouds and requiring more cans to complete the job. The Krylon version also applies much more uniformly. My best results were achieved with the can about 12-15 inches away, going back and forth horizontally while making small 6" diameter circle patterns. Do several light coats.
Rated by: Mark B. in New Orleans, LA
Yeah it makes things frosted just like it says. Glass mainly but you can use it for other things that you want frosted.
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