Laurel Burch: Dream Believers
by C&T

Product Description

This small book of love and encouragement combines uplifting artwork and verse from famed artist Laurel Burch. Each of the gorgeous, full-color images of one of Laurel's best-loved pieces is accompanied by a quote from the artist on hope, rejoicing, love, and following one's heart. Coming from Laurel's own experiences with adversity, this book makes a meaningful gift for yourself or anyone in your life who is going through a difficult time, serving as a reminder to believe in dreams and create for the joy of creating. • Flowers, cats, horses, and other kindred spirits dance across the pages of this high-quality gift book • Take your soul on a journey of inspiration with Laurel’s lovely verses • Share the gift of beautiful paintings and poems with those you love Author: Laurel Burch 80pp.,8x8 hardcover ISBN: 9781617455155

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