PXB Laminated Parallel Straightedge & White Drawing Board

Product Description

Alvin’s PXB board provides the convenience of a studio work surface in a compact, portable unit. The PXB is made from a smooth, warp-free, white Melamine laminated board and is equipped with a convenient carrying handle. Other features include: Non-slip rubber “Grip-Track” feet on the underside of the board that allow the PXB to overhang the table edge at the perfect drawing angle, bringing the work surface closer to you. Unbreakable foldaway back legs with rubber feet, enabling you to use the board in either the flat or angled position. Precision-made straightedge with rubberized grip and inking edge for clean, smudge-free results with pens, pencils, and markers. The PXB Portable Parallel Straightedge Board ships fully assembled.

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size: 16 in. x 21 in.
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size: 18 in. x 24 in.
Manu #PXB-24
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size: 20 in. x 26 in.
Manu #PXB-26
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size: 23 in. x 31 in.
Manu #PXB-31
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size: 24 in. x 36 in.
Manu #PXB-36
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size: 30 in. x 42 in.
Manu #PXB-42
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Rated by: Amy S. in Washington, DC
I had previously ordered a more expensive portable desktop, and I like the mechanics of the straightedge on this one much more. Worth the money, for sure and it came quickly. This is the first time I've ordered from this website and will order from you again. Your prices are very good.
Rated by: mitzie m. in Columbus, OH
Very nice quality drawing board. Works well with a nice straight edge. The straight edge does take up a bit of room however on the overall board so I probably should have purchased the 18 X 24, rather than the smaller 16 X 21. The smaller size still works well though for papers that are 9 X 12 and smaller. If you want to work on some larger standard tablet sizes, scale up accordingly. I like it enough to buy in a larger size as well. Comfortable drawing angle.
Rated by: Don P. in San Angelo, TX
This board met or exceeded all standards I had for it! I would also say "thank you" to the customer service person who answered my questions and helped make my selection a lot easier. A great, high quality board at a good price and excellent customer service! Also, I had delivery in 3 days!
Rated by: Carol P. in Erie, PA
I use this board for various hobbies and since I have carpal tunnel & arthritis in both hands this board is perfect. It makes it possible to continue everything I enjoy. The price is great also.
Rated by: Gary G. in Rockdale, TX
Very good for table-top use and also stores away very easily.
Rated by: karen p. in Tucson, AZ
MisterArt's prices were great - a little over 1/2 the price of local stores. Delivery was fast and efficient - arriving in just 4 days. The drafting board is great, easy to use, transport and clean. Very happy with this purchase.
Rated by: Janet M. in Reston, VA
Wonderful lightweight portable board that is marvelous for any application.
Rated by: Becky K. in Ravenna, OH
My son is a senior at Ohio State University in Landscape Architecture. When he saw this board on your site, he wanted it. When he opened it, he said that it is perfect for what he needs.
Rated by: Sherry C. in New Orleans, LA
I looked around quite a bit before buying this board from MisterArt.com. It is a great value!!!
Rated by: J S. in Sarasota, FL
This board is perfect for doing work in my home. I just toss it onto the old kitchen table, and I can toss out my old T-square. The surface is first-rate, and the pulley works great. Absolutely no complaints!
Rated by: Amanda L. in Philadelphia, PA
Good for starter use. Portable to any table top surface. Or in dorms you can set it on the floor and it keeps your work from dirty/uneven surfaces. Great for storing too when not in use!
Rated by: Erin G. in Angwin, CA
I really like this board. it's perfect for my dorm room, not too big and yet it has the paralell ruler, which i needed for my class work.
Rated by: Carole G. in st. louis, MO
Worth the price! I bought this board to use in a watercolor class I'm taking. A piece of polyurthaned masonite board was really all I needed but I liked the idea of handle and the tractor feet. I'm glad I decided to spend the extra money and get this board. It works great for traveling to and from art class with my paintings taped on. And it's great for setting up on my dining room table cause it only takes a second to move it out of the way.
Rated by: Grace P. in Fuquay-Varina, NC
I purchased this laminated drawing board to use in my painting. I do watercolors. It is terrific since I do not have a studio as such and have to assemble my supplies on a table in my dinette. The drawing board keeps my painting slanted and off the table. It is very handy, especially with the carrying handle.
Rated by: Deana R. in L.A., CA
I love this board. I have had surgery and it is hard to lift my hand in the air to paint. This board not only tilts to the perfect angle but it is very durable. I can use the leaning bridge and tape my art on the board with no problem at all. I do colored pencils which is great for this and now am doing pastels I just tilt the board and tap the dust down. The handle is great for caring your work on the board to and from anywhere. The straight edge is great for drawing also. Great Product!!
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