Clip Frame
by MCS

Product Description

A contemporary wall frame with an elegant, frameless look. Unique clips have an almost invisible point in front and can hold glass, picture, and background together. Custom mats can be added. Clips also serve as wall hangers for vertical and horizontal position and keep frame 1/8 in. away from wall. Photos and pictures are easily inserted, no tools needed. The glass has polished edges and the background is rigid Masonite with white painted edges.

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size: 11 in. x 14 in.
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size: 12 in. x 16 in.
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size: 16 in. x 20 in.
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size: 18 in. x 24 in.
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size: 5 in. x 7 in.
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size: 8 in. x 10 in.
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size: 8 in. x 12 in.
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size: 8.5 in. x 11 in.
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
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(based on 19 reviews)


Rated by: Elizabeth G. in lewisburg, KY, KY is a great source of art supplies and frames. These frames are perfect to showcase artwork, and photos as well. A quality product from a quality seller. I will be back again and again.
Rated by: Rebecca T. in Colorado Springs, CO
I recently ordered almost 30 of these frames for an art show I have coming up and 7 arrived with broken glass. I called customer service the very next day and they sent out a new order that very day to replace the defective frames. Within 3 days I had 7 new frames to replace the broken ones. That's it. Completely simple, no questions asked. I'm 100% satisfied with and not only will I shop with them in the future but I will and, in fact, already have recommended them to all my friends.
Rated by: Cat C. in Jackson, WY
I LOVE these frames. Simple, easy to use, yet classy.
Rated by: Keren L. in Anchorage, AK
Very professionally packaged. I can reuse the styrofoam corner cushions for storing these frames. A couple of clips won't stay seated in the channel on the back and I might have to use wire or something on the back to keep everything in place. Otherwise, a very nice clean simple solution to framing.
Rated by: Sarah S. in Altamonte Springs, FL
These frames are fantastic. I was at Pier 1 looking for 9x12 frames and the gentleman working there pretty much said "good luck finding frames that size." Then I did a search online and found exactly what I was looking for!
Rated by: E. Bija Y. in Sacramento, CA
The product was exactly what I wanted. It arrived on time and almost in one piece. One frame had broken glass. Since it was a mail order and I had to hang the show I just replaced the glass locally.
Rated by: Jessica R. in Mount Vernon, WA
Our order arrived promptly, and with our order being glass frames, they were packaged very well and there were no breaks. The price was great and they look terrific in the exam rooms.
Rated by: Michelle M. in Berkley, MI
A very nice frame for the price - clean, classy look. I am happy with it. Easily accomodates a single mat - but a really thick one might straint the clips. My only complaint is that I bought one in identical packaging from another source and one had more clips and a better hanger (maybe improved model?) - so mine don't exactly match.
Rated by: David M. in Providence, RI
Well-packed items, professional service. Clip removal instructions could have been clearer, or perhaps it was my head that should have been clearer. Good product, surprisingly hard to find.
Rated by: Christine S. in Tucson, AZ
We just purchased a number of these clip frames for our in-house wall 'gallery'. Each frame came tenderly wrapped and so our order was completely trouble-free! No broken frames! No returns! Perfect!
Rated by: Carrie B. in Lehi, UT
The frames were perfect for the project I was working on. They arrived on time and in great condition. I had an excellent experience with this website.
Rated by: Carrie P. in Rockford, IL
They work great. I've even gone to cutting them in half to fitting different sized pictures and mats!
Rated by: Deb H. in Brentwood, TN
These frames aren't unusual but price and quality is good. Well packaged to prevent breakage.
Rated by: Suzanne F. in Decatur, GA
These frames were just what I needed to do a wall of sports photos. They provide a very simple, clean presentation for multiple photos. I have been unable to find them in the sizes I need locally so I was glad to find them online.
Rated by: Kathi M. in Tucson, AZ
The frames were perfect! First-rate quality and packaged for shipment so that there was no chance of damage. Thanks!!
Rated by: P. C. in Ridgecrest, CA
Very pleased with the quality of these frames. Both of the frames that I ordered were packed very carefully for shipment. Thanks!
Rated by: William A. in Chatham Center, NY
Love these frames! Great quality, look great!!
Rated by: Judith B. in DEERBROOK, WI
I purchased these over a year ago and they are the best frame we ever had on our walls. The store I got them at is no longer in business, so I am using my last one just looked you up on line. To my surprise I can now get the rest I need to finish the family wall. They are so easy to hang too.
Rated by: Ingeborg C. in Stow, MA
These frames are exactly as described. For a minimal investment, you will be able to frame prints, pictures, photos, etc., including odd shaped pieces, simply and elegantly; you will be able to rotate your artwork easily; and allow you to decorate flexibly. They look good on walls, individually or clustered, or on shelves. I highly recommend them.
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