Clip-It Frame Clips

Product Description

A simple spring clip designed to easily and quickly fasten a stretched canvas into a frame. Fits normal stretcher bars 1.5 to 1.75 in. width. Quick interchange of artwork and frame. Easy to install and remove; clips are reusable. Precludes damage to artwork or frame. No nails, no screws, no tools!

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(based on 11 reviews)


Rated by: kenny in Fresno, CA
my canvas frame had a 1" frame. I wish your clips were in multiple sizes.I had to bend them a little to make them work. Five Star if you had my size.
Rated by: Sue B. in Oneonta, AL
These clips are very easy to use and remove to use again. The price is reasonable and I will be ordering again!
Rated by: Melanie K. in Monroe, GA
My 78 year old father has struggled for years to frame his paintings, and the ClipIt has been like an answered prayer. Even with arthritis in his hands and fingers, he is able to quickly and simply frame his work without having to ask for assistance from others. This product is great for its utility and ease of use.
Rated by: Elizabeth S. in Pittsburgh, PA
This works very well if you have a canvas width of 1.5 to 1.75inches. Now I am looking for more of these for canvases that are .5 inches to 1 inch wide..
Rated by: edith p. in campbellsville, KY
these are great for framing a stretched canvas with no hassle
Rated by: Ellen B. in Burke, VA
Great for temporary or permanent framing. I use them for temporary framing for displays. One problem is that they do not come in smaller widths which would be helpful for thinner stretched canvases [1" or less].
Rated by: Lezli P. in Pearce, AZ
Wonderful product! Work great for framing canvas artwork. Easy to use and professional results!
Rated by: Miguel F. in Henderson, NV
This product is excellent for easily framing canvases for exhibition. In less than 60 seconds you can frame a canvas or unframed it, as needed. It can also be used for more permanent framing. The concept is very simple and it gives a professional look to the back of the frame. I highly recommend this product.
Rated by: Magdalena G. in Detroit, MI
Great product. Great price.
Rated by: William F. in Clarkston, WA
excellent items for mounting paintings in frames. Can't be beat! The price is excellent compared to other places I have checked with.
Rated by: Joann B. in Crowley, TX
I received the frame clips ordered from within 3 days of placing my order. I have been looking for these for ages, and had not been able to locate an art supply company that had them for sale, so I was thrilled to find them, and then to get them so fast was amazing. Thank you!
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